News 5 Dec 2009

ASBK: Morris impresses on Kawasaki in Phillip Island Superstock


17 Year old Aaron Morris finished the year with a gutsy performance at the ASBK Phillip Island last round.  After a win and a lap record at the previous Mallala round Morris was looking for another win in only his third ride on the Kawasaki ZX6 .  Aaron qualified third on the grid after completing  only 3 laps of the first qualifier  trying to conserve his race tyres .

Race 1     From the start found  Aaron in 3rd into turn one  and chasing hard after Pirotta and Olson . Olson put a move on Pirotta into Honda, with Morris  following through and up to second.  Morris had a look up the inside into MG but Olson closed the door. Driving onto the straight Morris squared off his line and drove inside Olson to lead past the line for the first time. Olson led laps 2 and 3, Morris lap 4, Olson Lap 5, Morris 6 and 7. On the run to the flag on the last lap Olson was in front with Morris driving around the outside. Olson drifted up onto the ripple strip with Aaron trying to go around him.  Trying to get drive  Morris clipped the dirt at the end of the ripple strip and missed out on the win by .093.

Warmup     Sunday morning warm up was dry and saw Morris quickest by .857 from Olson.

Race 2     The skies opened up for Sundays first race  with the whole field on wets. The rain was very heavy for the opening few laps. Olson led from Thackeray and Halliday with Morris in 5th.  Through the ‘Hayshed’ on lap 2 at over 180 kmph both Thackeray and Austin aquaplaned and went down with Halliday slowing to avoid the riders. Morris found himself with no where to go and ran off into the infield to avoid a collision and crashed after a 40m fight with the mud. Morris picked himself up and set after the field covered in mud and minus his back brake lever!  Morris came through on lap 2 after the crash with a  time 20 seconds slower than race leader Olson. His next flying lap was 3 seconds faster than the field and he was on a mission. Not happy with that his next lap was 6 seconds faster than the field including race leader Olson! At the end of the race he crossed the line in 4th  and  only 2.4 seconds off the win! Oh for 1 more lap!

Race 3     Morris was hungry for a win but a little too eager and moved on the line incurring a ten second penalty. 4th into turn 1 Morris made his way to the front for the first flying lap. Olson and Morris traded blows throughout the race with Morris always leading over the line every lap . Last time into MG saw morris covering his line for an inside pass and Olson went around the outside with the riders  trading paintwork  through  turn 11. Olson leading onto the straight for the last time and Morris backed off Olson coming on, and timed his run to perfection with a .004 win past the flag. Olson was credited with the win when the 10 second penalty was deducted and Morris ended up second by virtue of  pulling a 10.2 second gap on third place!  Overall 4th in series.

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