News 6 May 2022

2022 ASBK Rd4 information

ASBK press release:

Dear ASBK Superbike Teams and Competitors,

Please find below some further information in regards to ASBK Rd 4 – Hidden Valley – Darwin:


Entries are now open. Please note: Entries close on the 29th May.


P1 – 30min Free Practice
P2 – 30min Free Practice
P3 – 35min Free Practice

Q1 – 20mins (All riders)
Q2 – 15mins
Race 1

Race 2
Race 3

– For Round 4 – Darwin only, the following Qualifying format will apply:
– Qualifying 1 (Q1) will be 20 minutes.
– Q1 will include ALL riders – marked tyres required.
– A 5 min gap exists between Q1 and Q2, with riders to remain in pitlane.
– Qualifying 2 (Q2) will be 15 minutes.
– Q2 will include the Top 12 riders from Q1 – marked tyres are required in Q2.
– Results of Qualifying 2 will determine grid positions from pole (1st) through to 12th.
– Riders failing to make Q2 will have their grid positions determined on their fastest time in Q1. Riders from 13th place back, after – Q1 will be allocated grid positions from 13th back, in descending order of times.
The total tyre allocation for ASBK Round 4 – Darwin remains at 9 tyres.


CLICK HERE for an updated 2022 MA Approved and Manufacturers Nominated Kit ECU List-V2


As a reminder, any team who is interested in participating in the Indigenous Round theme utilising indigenous artwork on bikes, helmets, or leathers is advised to contact Ken Vowles – Cultural Director – [email protected] for advice, review, and approval of all artwork.

ASBK management strongly encourages SBK teams to participate in the presentation of Indigenous themes in some form (helmet, leathers, bike, team uniform) for this exciting event.


A combined riders/drivers signing session is scheduled to take place at the Darwin Waterfront on Thursday 16th June from 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm. This will include a traditional saltwater welcome to country which all riders will be a requirement to attend. Team members are welcome to also come along.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.