News 8 Apr 2009


Youthstream press release:

Istanbul is to welcome the first ever appearance of the World Motocross Championship in Turkey this weekend on the Hezarfen race track.

The series brings to the 15 million Istanbul inhabitants a great new show with a close MX1 Championship headed by Ken de Dycker since last weekend and an exciting MX2 Championship where a smart Gautier Paulin is keeping the red plate since round one at Faenza.


With this being the third round in three weeks the excitement of the MX1 series mounts in Istanbul where Teka Suzuki World MX1’s Ken de Dycker arrives with a short one point lead over Sevlievo winner Joshua Coppins.

The duo already faced each other in Bulgaria where De Dycker took a moto win while Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross’ Coppins wrapped up the overall with a consistent 2-2 score.

KTM Silver Action’s Jonathan Barragan stood in between the two at Sevlievo, where the Spaniard took second overall after winning the final moto with a stunning pace.

With a completely new track in Istanbul the ability to find the feeling with the course straight away will be important in this third round.

Italians David Philippaerts (Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross) and Antonio Cairoli (Yamaha Red Bull De Carli) will try to break into the top five of the Championship as they are just two points away from a solid Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Max Nagl, fifth.

The previous Championship leader Tanel Leok dropped down to third in the standings after a tough weekend in Bulgaria.

On the other hand Sebastien Pourcel showed a good speed in the first laps of the final heat but his winter injury to the shoulder might not let him express his talent completely yet.


A French armada led by Bud Racing Kawasaki PSM’s Gautier Paulin is heading the MX2 series to its maiden visit to Turkey. The French coached by former World Champion and countryman Jacky Vimond took victory at round one and retained the red plate in Bulgaria where he finished a close second overall, just one point behind winner Musquin.

NGS’ Marvin Musquin dominated the Bulgarian weekend until the second moto, where his results were hampered by fatigue. Though Musquin took his and Honda’s first MX2 GP win and the duo is now second in the Championship.

Italian Davide Guarneri of Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci Motocross lies in third after a solid start to the Championship. Guarneri has been riding consistently but looks after a victory to come closer to the top of the standings.

His team mate Aubin follows in fourth while Teka Suzuki Europe World MX2’s Xavier Boog is fifth after taking his maiden podium in Sevlievo last weekend. This is a confidence booster for the factory Suzuki MX2 rider who has to defend his spot from Simpson and Frossard.

The latter showed top form in Sevlievo but a damage to the crankcase of his bike in heat one (caused by a stone that hit the bike heavily) prevented him from finishing the race. He won the second moto and took his maiden World Championship victory to gain further confidence for the forthcoming 13 rounds.


Saturday: MX2 Free Practice 10:00-10:40; MX1 Free Practice 10:50-11:30; 65cc Free Practice 12:00-12:15; 85cc Free Practice 12:20-12:35; MX2 Pre Qualifying Practice 13:30-14:10; MX1 Pre Qualifying Practice 14:30-15:10; MX2 Qualifying Race 16:00; MX1 Qualifying Race 17:00; 65cc Time Practice 17:50-18:10; 85cc Time Practice 18:20-18:40.

Sunday: 65cc Warm Up 8:30-8:40; 85cc Warm Up 8:50-9:00; MX2 Warm Up 9:15-9:35; MX1 Warm Up 9:45-10:05; 65cc Race 1 10:35; 85cc Race 1 11:05; MX2 Grand Prix Race 1 12:10; MX1 Grand Prix Race 1 13:10; 65cc Race 2 14:15; MX2 Grand Prix Race 2 15:03; MX1 Grand Prix Race 2 16:03; 85cc Race 2 at 17:00.