News 13 May 2009


Fluid PR press release:

For the first time in history, Melbourne Showgrounds are set to come alive to the sound of Stadium Enduro X with organizers of the National 4×4, Off-Road, Fishing and Outdoors Expo today confirming the exciting racing category will be part of the entertainment program for this year’s event.

More than 25, 000 Melbourne residents are expected to witness the excitement of Stadium Enduro X, which will see dirt bikes and ATVs [All Terrain Vehicles] go head-to-head in a series of motos which are a combination of motocross and endurance racing.  The last time Enduro X was held in Melbourne was in 2006.

Mark Petersen from the National 4×4, Off-Road, Fishing and Outdoors Expo said with the exhibition moving to the Melbourne Showgrounds event organizers now have the resources to include off-road racing in the entertainment program for the three day event which will commence on Friday September 4, 2009.

“The National 4×4, Off-Road, Fishing and Outdoors Expo has been running for over 10 years and with the event re-locating to the Melbourne Showgrounds we are now able develop the show even further with a range of exciting attractions including Stadium Enduro X,” Petersen said.

“The track to be used for the event will consist of rock, log, sand and dirt obstacles which will test some of the Australia’s leading motocross and endurance racers.  Stadium Enduro X will consist of two rounds which will be conducted on the Saturday and Sunday of the show.”

“There will be a number of classes which make up Stadium Enduro X, including the famous industry class which is already becoming a showdown between the nation’s leading motorcycle manufacturers.”

Petersen said while it may seem unusual to have motorcycle racing at a four wheel drive and camping show, research completed by the event organisers has displayed a direct correlation between motorcycle riders and four wheel drive enthusiasts.

“The National 4×4, Off-Road, Fishing and Outdoor Expo pulls crowds of 30,000 and by adding the off road element of the show with motorcycle racing we are expect  to see this event swell in numbers even more this year,” Petersen said.

“We already know the majority of off road motorcyclists are also purchasers of four wheel drives and after market accessories and given this we think that Stadium Enduro X and the National 4×4, Off-Road, Fishing and Outdoors Expo are a perfect fit,” he concluded.

For the first time ever, motorcycles and ATVs will have their own dedicated pavilion at the National 4×4, Off-Road, Fishing and Outdoors Expo.  The area will also feature motorcycle accessories and an apparel clearance sale.

In the coming weeks event organisers will reveal a number of new initiatives will be part of the National 4×4, Off-Road, Fishing and Outdoors Expo.

Entry to the National 4×4, Off-Road, Fishing and Outdoors Expo (including Stadium Enduro X) is $16 with children under 15 free.  For more information visit, or view the show promotional video at