News 14 May 2009


Rizla Suzuki press release:

Rizla Suzuki MotoGP is pleased to announce a new technical partnership with Shock Doctor, Inc., the global brand leader in specialist sports protective gear.

Shock Doctor will be supplying Chris Vermeulen, Loris Capirossi and the whole Rizla Suzuki crew with its line of technologically-advanced luggage, backpacks and various Power DryTM System products. The Power Dry System will keep Vermeulen’s and Capirossiā€˜s racing suits and gloves fresh and dry. This also eliminates the damp environment where bacteria thrive on equipment and racing suits. Shock Doctor will support the team as it travels the globe in the 2009 MotoGP World Championship.

Vermeulen and Capirossi will benefit from the superior design of Shock Doctor’s X77 Series collection of rolling luggage, duffels and packs, including a new race suit dryer. Both in competition and travel, they’ll also utilise Power Dry Ultra Gear and garment bags, as well as the Power Dry Blower with attachments for gloves and boots.

Shock Doctor is a global brand leader that uses innovative technology and design to provide superior protection and enhanced performance for people who are passionate about their sports. In addition to a full line of patented, technologically-advanced mouth-guards, Shock Doctor offers a comprehensive line of innovative performance protection products, including core protective gear for football, hockey, American football, baseball, martial arts and boxing, lacrosse and motorsports equipment plus a full line of Power DryTM Gear Bag Systems. Shock Doctor products are used by athletes at all levels of competition. For more information just visit or click here

Patrick Lynch – Shock Doctor Motorsport Director:

“We’re pleased to be working with the exceptional Rizla Suzuki MotoGP racers. These athletes compete in the most physically demanding environments, handling 350 pound bikes in very hot climates while outfitted in leather. The Power Dry System capabilities will keep their suits, gloves and helmets dry, killing bacteria so they are always using clean equipment.”

Chris Vermeulen:

“It’s great to be associated with Shock Doctor. They’ve made some good products for motorcycling; including the helmet and glove dryers. On the technical and comfort side that is great for use at a race weekend, but also the bags, backpacks and that sort of thing are really good. We give the luggage a hard time with travelling nearly every week and it needs to stand up well, which the Shock Doctor stuff certainly does. It is great to work with them and I hope the relationship will grow and be a long and fruitful one!”

Loris Capirossi:

“It is interesting for me to be using the new system from Shock Doctor. I first used it in the Malaysian test, where it can be very humid and clothing and helmets get very wet – it was good to be able to get everything dry so I could be comfortable the next time I went out. This is really great to have dry equipment because it feels nice and helps with your riding. I think the partnership with Shock Doctor will be a big help for us!”