News 15 May 2009


Lee Hogan’s BCP press release:

New South Wales Honda rider Corey Lucas has just returned from the USA where he took on the World’s best Amateur Motocross riders in their own backyard at the Las Vegas ‘World Mini Grand Prix’.

Lucas, who was a star performer in 2008 winning the inaugural running of the Honda ‘Grom’s on the Gas’competition back here in Australia, received the American trip as part of his list of sponsorships and awards package.

Having recently turned 16, Lucas was well and truly thrown in the deep end having to race in the senior 250 class where he came across some of the fastest teenagers in the world about to turn pro.

“The whole experience just blew me away,” said Corey Lucas.

“The pit area and rider number at the World Mini is much bigger than anything we have back here in Australia including the MX Nationals.”

“Riding around with guys like Malcolm Stewart(James Stewarts younger brother) you can’t help but be a bit awe-struck but after a few races I got into the swing of things.”

After a full week of tense qualifying, Lucas managed to qualify for the big main event where he mixed it up with the best the US had to offer.

Director of the BCP program Lee Hogan was on hand to assist with Corey’s preparation and race day planning.

“I’m proud of how Corey dealt with the pressure of the World Mini,” said Hogan.

“With all the bright lights and reputation of Las Vegas it’s easy to get blown away by the city itself.”

“The main objective in sending Corey over here was to gain experience and fly the flag for young Aussies and I think he has far and above achieved that goal.”

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Hondaand Foxback here in Australia who were instrumental in piecing the trip together, and our own Aussie double back-flipping hero Cameron Sinclair for lending us the Honda CRF 250R.”