News 22 May 2009

AMA SBK: Gibson to make AMA debut with Aussie Dave Racing

Response Racing press release:

Last year’s Suzuki satellite rider Trent Gibson has secured a one off ride in America. He has entered to race at Road America, one of the fastest tracks in the AMA series, on the first weekend in June, 2009. Trent will be riding under Aussie Dave Racing which is currently the top full privateer team in the paddock, team owner David Anthony is currently 9th in the series standings. The team is expecting to contest the year on Suzuki’s GSXR1000 K8 and is building a new bike for Trent to make his debut on.

Trent is expecting that the experience he gained last season working with Australia’s top Suzuki expert, Phil Tainton, will be a benefit to himself and also bring a wealth of knowledge that will help the team with development of the awesome K8.

Interview with Trent Gibson:

This is a really big deal, getting a ride in the AMA, how did it happen?

“I went to America on holiday last month and really enjoyed myself over there, when I came back I called Greg Epis from Response Racing and asked if he could help if I wanted to go back and do a couple of races over there. It seemed within days I was receiving emails back and forth getting everything in place and what do you know I now am officially entered.”

What are your plans for the race?

“Phil from PTR really helped me last year. At Phillip Island in October I managed to lap faster then I’ve ever done, what Phil taught me was more about mental preparation and how much that can make a difference. So I am going to learn the track, get the bike as good as I can, relax and enjoy myself. If I finish well and have fun I will see if I can do a few more races.”

I thought that this was a one off ride, is it something more?

“It is just for one round that we have agreed to but if I enjoy myself and the team enjoys having me over then I would love to do Laguna Seca and at the moment I am available for the rest of the season.”

Could we see you compete for the whole season either the rest of this or next?

“The prize money paid back to twentieth is quite attractive and if I can be competitive then it might make sense however I am not looking that far forward. I would really like to thank Suzuki Australia and Phil Tainton Racing for all their help, Road Rocket and OJK helmets for their continuing support and Greg Epis from Response Racing for helping me be the first rider that he has organized a ride for in the AMA.”