News 22 May 2009

General: evolves with fresh new changes

Regular readers would have noticed slight changes to the site being implemented yesterday, with further changes set for today, marking the first evolution of Australia’s newest motorcycle news and review website.

Launched on 1 March at the Superbike World Championship event at Phillip Island earlier this year, we have developed the site further via our initial experience, and all is designed to make the site your one stop shop for all things bikes.

New to the site since its launch is the addition of the Breaking News, Press Releases and Team Event Releases sections on the home page, now offering you the most straightforward and comprehensive news service that we are capable of.

Also added so far is our official MotoOnline Twitter page widget on the sidebar where we will be able to tune in from wherever we are via mobile devices, meaning that readers will be in touch with every movement of the site closer than ever before – whether it is at events or during bike tests.

You will also notice within the next few days that the headlines section has been revised, again for readers to gain more from the site from both a visual experience and for easy navigation.

A features section is also due to be added to the site, providing a place for us to upload various feature stories such as lifestyle and adventure stories, plus much more to keep you entertained.

This is only the beginning, but already is breaking through barriers on our way to establishing it as a main player in the online motorcycle website industry.