News 26 May 2009

Oz MX: McCoy rides again, aiming for Murray Bridge return

Injured Cool Air Kawasaki rider Daniel McCoy has updated of his progress after the specialists checked over his MRI this week, with good news coming through that he is able to ride again after a lengthy layoff.

McCoy had been waiting results from a scan to determine the severity of a wrist injury suffered in testing in March after a crash that also fractured his sternum, but has now received permission to being riding again with no surgery required.

“I was able to ride again today and overall I felt pretty good on the bike, just working my way back into it because I haven’t really ridden in so long,” McCoy said. “My sternum is okay now and the pain is also starting to ease quite a bit with my wrist, so hopefully I can keep riding and make it back in time for the next round.”

The wrist injury has been diagnosed as a slight tear to the ligament, although specialists have given him the all-clear to ride in hope of returning for the Murray Bridge round of the MX Nationals at South Australia on 14 June.