News 26 May 2009

WSBK: Nieto again joins Kagayama at Suzuki for Miller

Suzuki Racing PR:

Team Suzuki Alstare Brux riders Yukio Kagayama and Fonsi Nieto are looking forward to the seventh round of this year’s Superbike World Championship in USA and eager to battle for podiums at the Miller Motorsport Park. Both riders raced at the American circuit last year but, as this year’s K9 bike is all new and different to last year’s K8, both know a lot of work will have to be done during practice and qualifying. Fonsi will once again be standing in for regular Team Suzuki Alstare Brux rider Max Neukirchner, who is making good progress on his road to recovery.

This has not been an easy season for me and my team and we have to keep on working at improving this year’s bike so that we can challenge for the podiums. I want podiums every time I race, so I am a bit frustrated at the moment, but my team is working hard and I am trying my best.

Last year in MIller, my results were so-so and my goal this year is to do better and catch the podium. Miller is a big, safe track but, like all tracks, you have to have a good bike set-up if you want good results. We need a good race set-up and then do well in Superpole, so that we have a chance of making good races.

First, I want to wish Max a speedy recovery from his injuries. I am happy to help the team in the meantime and will do my best for them of course. Although the K9 is a very different bike to the K8 I rode last year, at least I know the team well and can rely on their hard work and help throughout the weekend.

I didn’t like Kyalami at all, but Miller is a very different type of track and I am looking forward to racing there again. Although I have only ridden the K9 for one weekend, it does seem to require more work at finding a good set-up. But, unlike Kyalami, at least I know which way round the track goes and so I am hopeful of much better results.