News 28 May 2009

ASBK: Safety caution lights trialled in ASBK this weekend

International Entertainment Group PR:

The Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) is pleased to announce it will be officially trialing innovative new caution lights during Round 3 of the Championship at Queensland Raceway.

Aimed at improving the already high safety standards in place, the lights are placed around the circuit near the flag marshals and act as a backup should a rider not see a caution flag.

Using high-powered, flashing LED’s, the lights are clearly visible in all conditions.  There are two types of systems.  One of them has lights integrated into a heavy duty low profile ‘speed hump’ and the other looks similar to an everyday traffic light. They feature sophisticated wireless technology which is triggered by race control under a caution period.

IEG developed the lights in conjunction with the experienced team at Suzuki Racesafe. Since establishing itself in the 1990’s, Racesafe has pioneered developments in rider safety and their skill and expertise was crucial in implementing this new system.

ASBK series promoter Yarrive Konsky said these new lights were vital in protecting the ASBK’s most valuable asset.

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our riders and this new system raises the high safety standards which are in place at our events”.

The ASBK will continue to research and apply further enhancements in rider safety as the series continues to grow.