News 9 Jun 2009

MotoGP: Yamaha remains scooter of choice for MotoGP

Dorna PR:

For the fourth consecutive year, Yamaha JogRR MotoGP scooters have been supplied as the official scooter of the 2009 MotoGP season.

Thanks to the continuing agreement between Yamaha and MotoGP organiser Dorna Sports, staff at circuits around the world have a quick and reliable scooter to help them in their work.

Quick access to all parts of the track is vital for Dorna’s staff, but MotoGP venues and the public viewing areas around them are expansive places. That’s why Dorna staff need the ever dependable Yamaha scooters.

The Yamaha JogRR plays an important role behind the scenes of the World Championship, enabling Race Direction members to carry out track inspections and helping cameramen to find the best vantage points. The logistics staff who perfect the set-up of safety equipment and advertising boards, and timing staff who install vital recording devices, also rely on the Yamaha JogRR MotoGP at every Grand Prix.

The Yamaha JogRR’s high-output 50cc engine features MotoGP-style liquid cooling to keep the engine performing at its best in the heat of the racetrack. Coupled to V-Belt automatic transmission, the lively engine ensures performance that’s always easy to control. And, because of its lightweight 84kg frame, short wheelbase chassis and disc/drum brakes, the JogRR MotoGP delivers precise and safe handling.

The Yamaha JogRR MotoGP is the perfect bike to move around quickly and efficiently – at MotoGP circuits throughout the world.

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