News 11 Jun 2009

ASBK: Highside to highlight for Gale in Queensland Superstock

Shane Gale PR:

In the days lead up to the Double Header at QR decision was made between myself and the Bio Magnetic/ TBR (Trinder Brothers Racing) that I would run under their guidance.
With new Racetech Setup, and no two wheel action since Tasmania a daunting road lay ahead to try and fight it up the pointy end on home soil.

Thursday practice I decided the fresh Pink Hogs Breath Racing R6 needed some bitumen touch up with a highside dismount on exit of turn 4 on lap 2, which certainly took its toll on my body causing soft tissue and muscle damage to the right side of my body. Straight to Suzuki Racesafe medical outfit for TLC. Due to body and bike not in the best state I missed Thursday practice.

Friday qualify we were back in business with much help from others in the paddock I was able to then put in a time of 1:16:00 to just sneak onto the second row in 8th.

Round 3a – 3b results

Qualify rd 3a – 8th
Rd 3a Race 1 – 9th
Rd 3a Race 2 – 5th   Round overall – 6th
Qualify rd 3b – 9th
Rd 3b Race 1 – 10th
Rd 3b Race 2 – 4th   Round overall – 5th

Overall Championships Standings – 8th  90 pts


Round 3 finished on an amazing note placing 4th coming back from 14th in the last race which was in very greasy conditions, Consistency was the key and getting off the line as well, I was lucky to have finished the races up the pointy end as I was in a world of pain by lap 4 in each race. The heavy breaking and acceleration areas made holding onto the machine rather difficult with the injury’s sustained. With being under the Trinders guidance, they are now helping steer my bike in the right direction with set-up.


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