News 14 Jun 2009

Oz MX: Simmonds top Motorex KTM rider at Murray Bridge

Motorex KTM:

Sleeping with the Enemy film

–     Round five
–     Australian Motocross Championship
–     Murray Bridge SA
–     Racing format Pro Lites 2 x 30 minute motos & Under 19s 2 x 20 minutes
–     Event date 14 June 2009


Rider     Class    Bike    Home Town    State    Round result
Tye Simmonds    Pro Lites    KTM 250 SX-F    Bourke    NSW    3rd
Kade Mosig    Pro Lites    KTM 250 SX-F    Pearcedale    VIC    9th
Jason Reed    Under 19s    KTM 250 SX-F    Tocal    NSW    16th


Rider     Class
Matt Moss    Pro Lites
Cheyne Boyd    Pro Open
Luke Styke    Under 19s


–      very  rough

–       sandy on top and hard packed underneath


Tye Simmonds – Pro Lites

–       placed 8th in his first moto and 2nd in his second moto for 3rd overall at the round

–       challenged by his starts, but made up ground  towards the end of each race

Kade Mosig – Pro Lite

–      held a solid position mid pack but fatigue due to being off the bike for three months saw him fade towards the end of each moto

–      placed 9th in his first moto and 8th in his second moto for 9th overall at the round

Jason Reed – Under 19s

–      solid  run in his opening moto finishing 9th

–     rode more aggressive in his second moto, but came together with another ride causing mechanical challenges that saw him not finish the race


Tye Simmonds Pro Lites

Moto 1: “I got a really horrible start in my opening moto,” said Simmonds.  “I got a good jump, but I was shut down by a couple of guys on the outside of me.  I worked my way through the pack, and felt not too bad, but then I got caught up with lappers, which allowed Lewis Stewart and Kirk Gibbs to pass me.  I passed Gibbs back, but then he t-boned me, and I lost ground so the best I could do was ride home in eighth.

Moto 2:  “I got another average start in the second moto, but this time I wasn’t shut down, I quickly moved up behind race leader, Matt Moss by the first corner.   I sat behind Mossy for a couple of corners, but then he checked out, and I sat in second for the rest of the race.  I didn’t have much competition myself, the entire race.  Lawson Bopping was behind me, but didn’t challenge me in the race.  I actually liked the second moto a lot better because the track was rough, and I handle rough racing conditions really well.

“I’m now really looking forward to Wanneroo in WA, because I did well on that track last year, and I have enjoyed some good success racing in WA over the past few months.”

Kade Mosig Pro Lites

Moto 1: “I’m not overly happy with my results but it’s a good start considering I have been off the bike for three months,” said Mosig.  “I had to start somewhere, and I proved to myself that my lap times are right up there.  I qualified third which was a good start to the round, it’s just my physical fitness to see out 30 minute motos since my injury, which was a challenge.

“I was in around eighth off the start in my opening moto, and got up to fifth.  I pretty much sat there for most of the race, and then in the last three laps, I was getting mentally and physically tired.

“My hand that I injured in the opening round also started to get a bit sore, but it was more the fatigue that I was battling with.  It was a rough track, and I pushed on the best I could, but I couldn’t hold onto fifth, and other riders passed me – I finished in ninth.

Moto 2:  “I sat in fifth almost all of the second moto, but with ten minutes to go I was struggling to pull myself over the front of the bike, and lift it to get through the bumps and stuff.  I finished in eighth which was a better result for me than my opening moto, but I actually felt better in the first race.

“Looking ahead for Wanneroo, I’m really looking forward to that track.  I love racing on sand, and also the format of three 15 minute motos should work in my favour until I build up my race fitness to take on 30 minute motos.”

Jason Reed Under 19s

Moto 1: “I got a bad jump out of the gate, and tangled with a few riders in the first couple of corners,” said Reed.  “I was dead last, but started making my way through the pack pretty quickly, and was up in around 12th within the first few laps.  Then I collided with another rider and was taken out, I got back on the KTM, but got hit trying to get back on, which was really tiresome for me, but I still managed to work my way up to ninth.   Besides the collisions I felt really solid in the opening moto.

Moto 2: “I got another bad start in the second moto, and was tangled up in the first few corners, where I was again dead last.  I started making my way through the pack, and I got really aggressive making up ground quickly.  Then another rider came together with me, and his footpeg went into my radiator hose, and I was leaking coolant.  I was only two laps into the race when this happened, so the bike wasn’t as responsive as it could have been.

“I pushed hard the whole moto, and tried to ride strong, but with half a lap to go just before a whoop section the bike locked up, and that was the end of the race for me.   I was disappointed not to bring home any points from the second moto, but thankfully I have maintained seventh overall in the Under 19s Championship.”

ROSS MCWATTERS Race Team Manager

“Murray Bridge was a challenging and rough circuit for all competitors,” said McWatters.  “Both Tye Simmonds and Kade Mosig didn’t seem to be firing with great starts in their opening motos, and they were battling with each other for most of the race.  They were strong, but lacked rhythm to find momentum and make up ground.

“They both picked up the pace in the second Pro Lites moto, and were again riding close together for awhile, but then Kade dropped back a little and it was obvious he wasn’t quite ready fitness wise for 30 minutes of an extremely rough, demanding and bumpy track.  Tye rode well in the second moto, and was lucky to get third overall for the round with an eighth and second in his two motos at Murray Bridge.

“Jason Reed didn’t get a good start in the first moto, but still managed to finish in ninth, which was a reasonable result.  He was running a strong seventh in the second moto, but early in the race he clashed with another bike, and the other riders footpeg put a hole in his radiator hose, and was leaking coolant early on in the race.

“Unfortunately with this mechanical challenge the engine overheated before the race finished, and he didn’t gain any points, but he has been consistent with his results, and on a positive for the team he has maintained seventh in the Under 19s Championship.”



Sunday 21 June Wanneroo WA