News 16 Jun 2009

General: MA appoints new assistant for Riders' Division

Motorcycling Australia:

Motorcycling Australia’s (MA) Riders’ Division has received a tremendous shot in the arm with the recent appointment of Matthew Bennett in the role of Riders’ Division Assistant.

The Riders’ Division represents the non-competition arm of MA, and more than 5,000 people have joined since its inception to help boost MA membership numbers above 26,000.

Working with Riders’ Division Manager Dan Rotman, Bennett’s role will be primarily focused on providing administrative, marketing and promotional support for the Riders’ Division and assisting in meeting the needs of MA members.

Bennett is a passionate motorcycle enthusiast whose experiences include hospitality and hotel management, running his own business and Harley Davidson tours at Uluru.

With almost 20 years of recreational riding behind him, Bennett decided to become a Riders’ Division member in 2008 – a decision which has led to him becoming MA’s newest staff member – and he is extremely excited by the opportunity.

“The chance to combine one of my great passions with the ability to earn an income was simply too good to pass up,” Bennett said.

“The fact that it’s not exclusively an office-based role was also important for me – I can’t wait to get involved with events, and get out there meet other riders.”

Rotman was equally as excited by the addition of Bennett to the MA staff lineup.

“After more than 80 years as the organisation responsible for motorcycle sport, it’s taken just on three years for MA to establish itself in motorcyclists’ minds as the peak body for motorcycling in this country,” Rotman said.

“Matthew is a motorcyclist, plus his background means that he not only understands the needs of our members, but also has a strong focus on making sure those needs are being met.”

Bennett is currently featured on the ‘Five Minutes With’ section of the MA website, which regularly features people who are working behind the scenes to make sure motorcycling continues to thrive right around Australia.