News 22 Jun 2009

Oz MX: Yamaha sweeps MX Nationals Pro Open podium in Perth

Yamaha Racing:

Yamaha’s factory racing teams have continued to dominate the 2009 Motocross National’s with CDR Rockstar Yamaha and the GYTR Yamaha Junior Development Team once again heading their respective podiums at the sixth round of the series at Western Australia’s Wanneroo AJS Motocross Club.

In the Pro Open class CDR Rockstar Yamaha duo Cheyne Boyd and Jay Marmont were joined on the podium by fellow Yamaha rider Andrew McFarlane who completed the blue bike clean sweep.

The GYTR Yamaha Junior Development Team were also on song, claiming their fifth round victory in a row with Luke Styke taking overall honours and teammate Ross Beaton third.

The penultimate round of the Pro Open and Pro Lites championship will be held at New South Wales Lakes  Raceway on Sunday July 26 where the series will see a return of the Women’s championship.

Pro Open Report

Even a return to one of the new look, sprint formats failed to falter CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Pro Open Australian Motocross Nationals charge with  Cheyne Boyd and Jay Marmont claiming their third consecutive one-two finish.

After winning two of the three twenty minute motos and finishing second in the third installment, a revitalized Boyd took the round victory with teammate Marmont second and fellow Yamaha rider Andrew McFarlane third.

The win is Boyd’s third round victory in succession and marks a milestone for the YZ450F rider as it is the most consecutive round victories he has won whilst competing in the Pro Open class.

“In the first two motos I holeshot and lead from start to finish,” Boyd explained. “In the first race I had McFarlane behind me for a little bit and then Jay in the second moto – but they seemed to back off and I cleared out.

“In the final race I started behind Jay and I just couldn’t find a spot to pass him, in the end I thought of the championship and decided to back off. Today’s results see me gain another 10 points on him and it is now down to just 20 points between us.”

“I’ve done well at Lakes and I like Coolum so I’ll now focus on practicing on hilly tracks and step up the training. Hopefully I can keep the winning streak going,” Boyd acknowledged.

After a difficult first race where he finished sixth, Jay Marmont  fought back to finish second behind teammate Boyd in the second Pro Open race of the day.

Marmont then holeshot the third race and held out his teammate Boyd to win the race by over eight seconds.  The victory handed CDR Rockstar Yamaha its eighth consecutive race victory.

“This track is tough over here, it brings the best and the worst out in us racers so to go out there and finish on a good note it great.” Marmont said.

“We’ve got two rounds to go and Boydy has really stepped it up in this Championship.  I love a good battle so it’s going to be fun and its going to come right down to the wire.”

Pro Open Championship – Round Six Results

1. Cheyne Boyd – 72 points
2. Jay Marmont – 62 points
3. Andrew McFarlane – 55 points
4. Michael Addison – 54 points
5. Cameron Taylor – 45 points
6. Cody Mackie – 43 points
7. Brent Landman – 40 points
8. Riley Graham – 33 points
9. Louis Calvin – 33 points
10. Beau Ralston – 29 points

Pro Open Championship

1. Jay Marmont – 343 points
2. Cheyne Boyd – 323 points
3. Andrew McFarlane – 297 points
4. Cody Mackie – 260 points
5. Cameron Taylor – 207 points
6. Craig Anderson – 197 points
7. Brent Landman – 189 points
8. Michael Addison – 185 points
9. Todd Waters – 167 points
10. Beau Ralston – 121 points

Pro Lites Report

The sandy Wanneroo conditions made it a challenging day for Serco Yamaha with Mitch Hoad and Kirk Gibbs finishing sixth and eighth respectively at the sixth round of the Pro Lites Championship.

Hoad, took the holeshot in the opening two motos of the round before finishing both races in sixth position.  The third 20 minute race of the day presented more challenges for the YZ250F rider who finished 10th.

“I got a good start in the opening two motos and took the holeshot on both occasions,” Hoad said, “However I struggled a bit in the sand and in the third moto I had a little bit of a crash.”

“I knew this round was going to be tough and I’ve spent the last month practicing for the sandy conditions.  My goal was to walk away with points and I did that by finishing each of the three motos.”

It was a challenging weekend for Hoad’s team-mate, Kirk Gibbs who after finishing second in the opening moto was ninth and 17th in the second and third motos with the 20-year-old falling in the final race of the day.

Gibbs and Hoad are fourth and sixth respectively in the Pro Lites Championship.

Serco Yamaha supported rider Matt Ryan was13th overall at Wanneroo today with the young rider finishing 11th, seventh and 19th in each of three motos for the day.

Pro Lites Championship – Round Six Results

1. Tye Simmonds – 72 points
2. Matt Moss – 60 points
3. Luke George – 58 points
4. Kade Mosig – 52 points
5. Dean Ferris – 45 points
6. Mitch Hoad – 41 points
7. Lewis Stewart – 38 points
8. Kirk Gibbs – 38 points
9. Brenden Harrison – 37 points
10. Lawson Bopping – 34 points
13.   Matt Ryan – 26 points

Pro Lites Championship

1. Matt Moss – 300 points
2. Tye Simmonds – 280 points
3. Luke George – 278 points
4. Kirk Gibbs – 211 points
5. Lawson Bopping – 210 points
6. Mitch Hoad – 180 points
7. Lewis Stewart – 175 points
8. Adam Monea – 145 points
9. Lewis Woods – 144 points
10. Wade Thompson – 123 points
20.   Matt Ryan – 25 points

Under 19s Report

The GYTR Yamaha Junior Development Team has claimed their fifth round victory in a row with Luke Styke taking overall honours at the sixth round of the Under 19s Championship at Wanneroo today.

Styke sealed victory by finishing fourth in the opening moto and taking first in the final two races of the day.  The win has secured the New South Welshman’s stranglehold on the development series, which he now leads with 296 points.

“I had a really good day, the bike was awesome in the sand and my preparation was a bit different going into the round as I had a bit more time off and felt refreshed going into the first race of the day,” Styke said.

“With one round remaining in the championship it feels great to have the lead. It gives me a lot of confidence going into the final event at Coolum.”

Styke was joined on the podium by his team-mate Ross Beaton who after claiming his first national round victory last weekend was third overall finishing eighth, fourth and fifth in each of today’s three motos.   Harley Quinlan was fifth after claiming sixth, eighth and fourth in each race.

With one round remaining in the Under 19s Championship, Yamaha is shaping up for one of their most successful years yet in the series with blue bikes occupying four of the top five positions in the championship.

The final round of the Under 19s Championship will be held in Coolum on August 1-2, 2009.

Under 19s Championship – Round Six Results

1. Luke Styke – 68 points
2. Josh Adams – 52 points
3. Ross Beaton – 47 points
4. Dylan Peterson – 46 points
5. Harley Quinlan – 46 points
6. Timothy Lonsdale – 39 points
7. Luke Arbon – 35 points
8. Josh Cachia – 35 points
9. Matt VanSlooten – 35 points
10. Alex Morris – 31 points

Under 19s Championship

1. Luke Styke – 296 points
2. Harley Quinlan – 253 points
3. Josh Cachia – 243 points
4. Luke Arbon – 238 points
5. Ross Beaton – 237 points
6. Dylan Peterson – 207 points
7. Josh Kilvington – 138 points
8. Jason Reed – 136 points
9. Alex Morris – 106 points
10. Kieran Tisdale – 99 points