News 24 Jun 2009

Tri-colour Honda CB400s now standard

Honda's CB400 is now available standard in the red and blue tri-colour paint schemes.

Honda CB400 in blue and white

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Honda CB400 in blue and white

Honda Australia:

Honda proudly introduces two additional new colour options into its range of standard CB400’s for 2009 including striking tri-colour red and blue paint schemes, paying homage to the great naked bikes of years gone by.

The CB400 is one of the most stylish and sophisticated motorcycles in the LAMS program featuring striking good looks and an inline four-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid cooled 400cc engine.

A winner with critics and the riding community alike, Honda’s popular selling machine provides an alternative for new riders who want to start off on something bigger than a 250cc motorcycle.

Ergonomics are such that the bike easily accommodates riders of all sizes with plenty of room for a pillion, and performance that is still light years ahead of the competition owing to a high end, preload adjustable system.

Honda CB400 in red and white download Tongan Ninja

Honda CB400 in red and white

Described by reviewers as having the overall edge in the technology and performance stakes, the CB400 also features lowered emissions and optimum fuel economy made possible by an electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI), coupled with Honda’s HYPER VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control).

The tri colour CB400 is also available in an ABS version.
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