News 26 Jun 2009

ASBK: Blake Leigh-Smith emerges from induced coma in Germany

Leigh-Smith Racing:

Australian 125cc GP motorcycle champion, Blake Leigh-Smith has emerged from a four day induced coma in Klinikum Chemnitz near the Sachsenring race track in eastern Germany. Blake suffered the rupturing of both lungs and a broken scapula in a horrific accident during a race last Sunday at the German 125cc championships.

The doctors have stated that had he not been airlifted to the hospital via helicopter, he would have died from his injuries at the track.

Blake’s parents Noel and Mary have given their thanks to the outstanding medical support afforded Blake. It is hoped that Blake’s high level of fitness will help him in his recuperation. In a recent Elite Fitness Camp at the Australian Institute of Sport, in Canberra, he set records for his stamina and endurance.

Blake is able to remember the incident, and shows no signs of any further injury at this time. He is expected to be moved from intensive care to a lower dependancy unit of the hospital during the next 24 hours.

Obviously still recuperating, Blake wanted to thank his team manager Jarno Janssen, from the De Graaf GP team, who stayed by his side until his mother arrived earlier in the week. The team are racing at Assen in Holland in MotoGP 125 in the next 24 hours, but his support for Blake took precedence.Pilgrim full movie

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