News 28 Jun 2009

FMX: Sinclair makes history with double flip at X Fighters

Cameron Sinclair:

Melbourne based Freestyle Motocross superstar Cam Sinclair, has finished an incredible third place in the Red Bull X Fighters in Fort Worth Texas on Saturday night.

During qualifying for Saturday’s main event, Sinclair landed a perfect double backflip; the first ever in a full length freestyle motocross (FMX) competition run. His run placed him in second place, behind American Nate Adams.

In the elimination style main event on Saturday, Sinclair defeated Spanish champion Danny Torres in the quarter finals however despite landing a perfect double backflip was defeated by Swiss defending champion Matt Rebeaud. Sinclair was awarded a strong third place, while Rebeaud succumbed to the in-form Nate Adams in the finals.

While many vocal fans believed performing a double backflip should have earned Sinclair a finals berth, he was optimistic of his result and future X Fighters campaign.

“I’m so happy to have landed the double [backflip] in a run for the first time; I managed to land three over the course of the weekend, so I can’t complain about my result. I made a couple of small mistakes which is something I can work on for the next round.” Cam Sinclair said.

Despite landing three amazing double backflips, the weekend was far from smooth sailing for Sinclair, who had to be helped onto his bike for the semi finals, thanks to two badly bruised ankles.

“During the double flip in the quarter finals, I landed with my feet not quite on the foot-pegs properly; I couldn’t even start my own bike for the semi’s. I’ve had them checked out and there’s nothing broken, they’re just really sore!” Sinclair said.

Despite missing the Canadian round of the series, Sinclair maintains sixth place overall in the X Fighters championship. The next round will be held in Madrid, Spain on July 18.

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