News 3 Jul 2009

Husaberg launches 2010 off-road range

Husaberg Australia has released details on its revised enduro, cross country and supermoto range for 2010.

The FE 390 is unique in Husaberg's enduro range Trial by Fire psp Iron Man ipod download Intermission The Polar Express divx

The FE 390 is unique in Husaberg's enduro range

Husaberg Australia has released details on an all-new odd-capacity enduro bike, the FE 390, which is set to be the manufacturer’s smallest capacity motorcycle in its off-road line-up for 2010.

The FE 390 joins the FE 450 and FE 570 in Husaberg’s enduro line-up, also featuring the revolutionary 70 degree engine layout that is designed for ultra nimble handling and received great reviews in its debut year in 2009.

All three bikes feature electronic fuel injection, but it’s the 390 that is making waves as the lone motorcycle in that capacity range, with the launch currently taking place at Barcelona in Spain.

“Based on the 70° engine layout the FE 390 matches any 250 four-stroke in terms of easy handling, but with its way more bottom end power and torque and its smooth power delivery it is one step ahead in terms of overall rideability. These characteristics make the FE 390 the ideal freeride enduro, also for less experienced riders,” reads the official Husaberg press book.

All three enduro models are set to hit Australian shores in September this year, although a retail price hasn’t yet been confirmed by Husaberg Australia at this stage.

“The extremely easy-shifting handling is primarily what sets the new Husaberg bike apart. This was largely achieved through a consistent weight reduction and a high-tech construction that concentrates all the rotating engines masses as compactly and as close to the bike’s centre of gravity as possible,” continued the press book regarding the range. will bring you a review of the bikes upon their arrival into Australia.

Husaberg also announced that has an FX 450 cross country model without headlights on its way for the new year, along with a trick looking FS 570 supermoto machine.Mirrors move Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman movie download