News 6 Jul 2009

ASBK: Triple Challenge series announced for SBK and STK1000


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International Entertainment Group (IEG), promoter of the Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike Championships, has today announced two exciting additions to the racing formats of both the Superbike and Superstock categories.

The premier Superbike class will now also feature the new Superbike Privateer Cup – Triple Challenge, which is open to all privateer riders.

The three highest privateer place getters will be awarded Triple Challenge prize money, in addition to the standard round prize money and privateer awards currently on offer.

The Triple Challenge will be conducted over Eastern Creek, Mallala and the final round of this year’s ASBK Championship, and the challenge winner will be announced after the final round.

IEG Director Yarrive Konsky explained that the new Triple Challenge concept was designed to give the series regular privateer riders an additional incentive.

“Thanks to new sponsorship from Evolution Sports Group, we have implemented the new Triple Challenge system as a way of rewarding those privateers who have shown loyalty to the Superbike championships, particularly in these tough economic times.”

“Privateer riders will continue to race for outright honours against the factory teams, but they will now be fighting for the Superbike Privateer Cup-Triple Challenge award as well.”

After the final round the winner of the Superbike Privateer Cup- Triple Challenge will receive $1500 prize money, with the runner up to receive $1000 and third place $500.

The Triple Challenge will be awarded to the three highest Superbike privateer place getters over the three respective rounds on points.

If a single rider is the same highest placed privateer at all three Triple Challenge events they will be awarded an additional $1000 to the above 1st place prize money.

IEG is also excited to announce the creation of the Superstock Cup – Triple Challenge. This new concept will provide the opportunity for riders to cross enter from the Superstock 1000 class into Australia’s premier Superbike category.

“Essentially we are creating a class within a class, and it will give Superstock 1000 riders a chance to make their first steps towards racing in the elite 200 horsepower-plus Superbike category.”

Eligibility is limited to B and C grade Superstock 1000 riders, and the Triple Challenge will also take place over the Eastern Creek, Malalla and final round of the Superbike Championship.

At each round the top five place getters will be awarded additional prize money, starting from $800 for first place.

At the end of the Championship the top three place getters in the Superstock Cup- Triple Challenge will be awarded at the Presentation Evening.

IEG is pleased to welcome Evolution Sports Group as a new sponsor to the Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike Championship.

Full details of the two new Triple Challenge formats can be found in the 2009 ASBK Supp Regs, available online in the competitors section at

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