News 11 Jul 2009

MotoGP: U.S. Grand Prix marked first event filmed in HD 3D


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3D and Digital Cinema Systems specialist Pace was in action at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix for the first ever HD 3D filming of a MotoGP event.

The groundbreaking Fusion 3D camera system was in action during last weekend Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, courtesy of a visit from the Pace team. Founder Vince Pace and visual effects specialist and Academy Award winner John Bruno and their crew filmed a 3D demo of MotoGP Action.

Pace’s Fusion 3D camera system was recently used to shoot the sci-fi epic “Avatar” – director James Cameron’s first major motion picture since Titanic. The film, scheduled for release on December 18, promises a revolutionary blend of CG and live-action, all coming together in stunning 3D.

Pace also raised the bar in sports entertainment: in cooperation with the National Basketball Association, the team at Pace delivered the 56th NBA All-Star Game in stunning 3D HD to select venues in Las Vegas; the coverage marked the first time a sporting event had been presented live in this new medium.

The groundbreaking 3D Fusion system relies on a dual lens system to capture left-eye and right-eye imagery separately -allowing the recreation of the field perception depth in post-production- and combines two HD Sony cameras bodies and a special acquisition rig.

At the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, the Fusion 3D camera designed by Pace was used for the first 3D filming of a MotoGP event, as Vince Pace and John Bruno and their crew captured track footage, pit action and interviews for a 3D demo, to be presented later this season. Another technical test will take place at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix.The Lost Empire trailer

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