News 23 Jul 2009

Oz MX: Moss heads into Lakes with title prospects set in sight


With his first Pro Lites Australian Motocross Title set firmly in his sights, Matt Moss (Suzuki) will be a force to be reckoned with at the penultimate round of the 2009 Australian Motocross Championship at Lakes on 26 July.

A win won’t come easily though, as Moss lines up against reigning Champ and local favourite Luke George (Kawasaki).

Regardless, Moss is looking forward to the weekend and after spending four weeks training in the U.S.A with his brother Jake, is confident he’s got the speed to maintain his Series lead.

“I feel pretty good and I’m just going to keep racing the way I’ve been racing,” Moss said. “I’ve been America with my brother for the last four weeks and I feel like I’ve picked up a lot more speed.

“I know Luke George has been over there as well but it’s only going to be either Tye Simmonds or George I think that would beat me if they do and I’ve got a comfortable point’s margin on them and hopefully I can keep my head and stay in front.”

While winning the Championship is Moss’ first priority, he said that it was great to head state-side to catch up with his brother.

“It was awesome being over there with Jake; I got over there the first day and I watched him ride and I couldn’t believe how fast he was,” he said. “Then I got out there with him and he was a good four seconds a lap quicker than me and I was just like ‘oh my god’, so I just put my head down and by the end of the four weeks I was just as quick as him.

“It is hard to be apart from him, but I like doing things by myself and it was just great to catch up with him and just go riding with my brother.

“To have someone that’s a similar speed to me, likes the same things likes doing the same things as me so it was good to hang out and just go riding.”

Moss may be dying to win his own Championship Title, however in a seemingly odd move, doesn’t shy away from working with and even training some of his biggest competitors.

“I went to the states and I couldn’t believe it – I went to a track and there were 20 guys just as fast as each other and while I think the level of riding in Australia is good, there are not enough people that can keep that level, there are only three of us and there should be more,” Moss said.

“I love to see people exceed, whether it’s me or say Tye Simmonds who I think will have a bright future.

“It’s weird, I don’t mind that he beats me but I do mind?  That’s what I’m there to do – win, but if someone beats me then I have to go home and work harder and come back out and beat them and then I know I’m progressing.

“When Tye beat me at Wanneroo, he’s gone home thinking ‘I’m a better rider’ and I go home and hopefully beat him at Lakes and then think that I’ve gotten even better – we just try to get that little bit further and a little bit better each time.

“If Tye is the only guy that beats me I’m sort of happy but I don’t ever want Georgy (Luke George) to beat me!

“He beat me at Mackay and then I smoked him in the next one, and that’s just the way it works, you’ve got to be defeated every now and then to pull you back in line and get your head straight, but this weekend at Lakes is going to be great!”

The seventh round of the 2009 Australian Motocross Championship will be held at Lake Macquarie Motorcycle Club on Sunday 26 July:

Cessnock Road, Ryhope
off the Sydney Newcastle Freeway
New South Wales

Sunday (on-track action from 8:30am):
Gates open from 7am
Adult $30
Family (Two adults, two kids) $70
Kids (5-15 years) $15

The eighth and final round will be held at Coolum Pines Motocross Park on 1-2 August:

Coolum Pines Motocross Park
Quanda Rd
Coolum, QLD.