News 26 Jul 2009

Oz MX: Simmonds takes third overall at Lakes for Motorex KTM


–     Round seven
–     Australian Motocross Championship
–     Lakes NSW
–     Racing format 2 x 30 minute motos
–     Event date 26 June 2009


Rider     Class    Bike    Home Town    State    Round result
Tye Simmonds    Pro Lites    KTM 250 SX-F    Bourke    NSW    3rd
Kade Mosig    Pro Lites    KTM 250 SX-F    Pearcedale    VIC    7th
Ben Grabham    Pro Open    KTM 450 SX-F    Orange    NSW    28th

Note: Under 19s did not race at this round, therefore no results are posted on Jason Reed.
Under 19s will return for round eight at Coolum in QLD.


Rider     Class
Matt Moss    Pro Lites
Cheyne Boyd    Pro Open


–      Muddy and slippery

–     Well prepared turned out very rutted


Tye Simmonds – Pro Lites

–       Round results 3-3 in both motos for third overall at the round

–       Two good starts, arm pump caused problems mid race

Kade Mosig – Pro Lite

–       Challenged by his starts and lost track of the front runners
–          Round results 7-9 in his two motos for seventh overall at the round

Ben Grabham – Pro Open
–         Enjoyed racing for fun to improve on tight tracks for enduro championship

–         Hoping to do more motocross as part of his training regime for off-road events

Tye Simmonds Pro Lites

Moto 1. “I got the holeshot, and led my opening moto until around the fourth lap,” said Simmonds.  “Then on lap seven Luke George passed me, but I passed him back on the next lap.  I was also holding off Matt Moss who was close behind Luke, and I was holding my own settling into a pretty fast pace.

“I could hear Mossy and Luke on my tail, and I found myself thinking about them too much which detracted from my racing.  Then arm pump set in, and I couldn’t hold onto the lead.  Luke George, and Matt Moss both passed me on around lap ten, and once they passed me my arm pump eased, which goes to show a lot of it was in my head with retaining the lead.  I stayed behind them, and finished the race in third.

Moto 2.  “I didn’t get the best of starts, I was in around fourth on the first corner.  Dean Ferris took the lead in the race early, and pulled a gap, but he must have gone out too hard too fast, because he faded and then it was a battle again with myself, Luke George, and Matt Moss.

“I took the lead ahead of Dean Ferris for a short while, but on the eighth lap I was in a big battle with Luke George.   We swapped the lead for two laps, and then Matt Moss was chasing us.  Mossy then took the lead, and Luke George and I were battling for second.  I couldn’t hold off Luke George once he made a pass on me mid race.

“I found the track getting very rutted, and it was difficult to pass.  On around lap 14 a rut collapsed as I was riding through it, and I bent my thumb right back trying to get through it, so I ended up nursing it throughout the race, and rode home in third again, which gave me third overall for the round.

“Matt Moss and Luke George definitely have a lot more aggression in their racing which I think helps them control race nerves, and arm pump so that’s something I need to continue to work on.  They both have a few more years experience on me in senior racing, so I know I have room to improve, maybe not in the short term, but I know it will come.”

Kade Mosig Pro Lites

Moto 1. “I got a good jump off the gate, but in the first few corners got run really wide,” said Mosig.  “Getting pushed wide put me back in the top ten.  Then I started to get into a good groove, and was running fifth.   I was pushing really hard, but went down in a rut which dropped me back a few places again, but I got going and rode as hard as I could until the chequered flag, and finished seventh.

Moto 2. “I had a bit of a time penalty issue which gave me a bad pick of the gate in the second moto, which worked against me off the start.  I was on the inside line making it really hard to get ahead.  I had to push through a lot of riders, and made quite a few passes, but not as many as I was hoping for.

“By the time I had room to move the front guys had checked out, so I had to race my own race to the finish.  I’m a bit disappointed in myself, I would have liked to have done a lot better, and I know I could have done a lot better.  I found the track a lot more challenging in the second moto, and I also found myself fighting with the bike a little bit as well.

“My fitness feels like it is back since my injury at the opening round, because I didn’t fatigue the entire 30 minutes of each moto, so I’m looking to put Lakes behind me now, and focus on getting on the podium at Coolum.”

Ben Grabham Pro Open

“Racing in the motocross was exactly the high intensity training I was after to improve on my sprint technique for the Off-Road Championship,” said Grabham.  “I treated it just like a part of my weekly training regime, and had a lot of fun doing it.  I haven’t raced in a motocross event like this since 1999, so it was good to get out there, and I think it should help for my next National Off-Road round.

“The track surface was a lot more solid than the natural bush terrain I’m used to, and I didn’t get into any major battles to ensure I didn’t risk injury leading into the Australian Safari, which starts next weekend.

“I’d love to incorporate more motocross events into my training regime for next year, it can only help me for the Off-Road Championship.  Motocross racing is so different to the Off-Road Championship, I even had my own factory goggle manager on site which I thought was awesome, but my Off-Road Team Manager, Brad (Wonka) Williscroft  politely told me not to get too comfortable with that once we get back to our desert and enduro racing.

“All in all it was a great day of racing, and I really enjoyed myself.  Wonka and I are now heading over to WA where I will race under his management in the Australian Safari starting next weekend, before the two of us head to Baja where we will compete together.”

Jason Reed Under 19s

Under 19s did not race at Lakes, they will return at Coolum in QLD next weekend.

ROSS MCWATTERS Race Team Manager

“Tye rode really well at Lakes, and there was some great battling between Tye, Luke George, and Matt Moss,” said McWatters.  “Tye was consistent and deserved to be on the podium.  He has slipped back to third in the Pro Lites Championship, with 27 points separating him and Championship leader Matt Moss.

“Matt Moss is on 347 points, Luke George is on 325 points, and Tye is on 320 points.  There are 75 points up for grabs at the final round in Coolum next weekend, so Tye still has a good chance to improve on his third place position.

“Kade Mosig struggled a bit with the hard pack sections of the track, and didn’t seem to have the rhythm he needed to run with the front guys, but still had two solid top ten finishes.  I’m sure Kade wasn’t where he expected to be at Lakes, but I’m confident both he and Tye will finish on a high, and come back stronger than ever at Coolum.”



Sunday 2 August Coolum QLD