News 17 Aug 2009

AORC: Kearney top Motorex KTM rider at Queensland AORC


– Rounds seven and eight
– Australian Off-Road Championship
– Warrick – Queensland
– Event dates 15-16 August, 2009
– Format: 7 sprint races round seven and 5 sprint races round eight


Rider Class Bike Home Town Rnd 7 Outright Rnd 8 Outright
Ben Kearney E1 KTM 250 EXC-F Picton, NSW 3rd 5th 2nd 4th
Ben Grabham E2 KTM 250 two stroke Bathurst, NSW 6th 13th 5th 11th
Brad Williscroft E3 KTM 530 EXC Helensburgh, NSW 3rd 11th 4th 15th


Round 1 Class Round 2 Class
Chris Hollis E1 Kirk Hutton E1
Toby Price E2 Toby Price E2
Geoff Braico E3 Geoff Braico E3


– Rocky & dusty


Ben Kearney – Pro E1 class

“Both days were pretty hard going since I was getting over a chest infection, but I gave it my best without jeopardising my championship lead, said Kearney. “I enjoyed the second day of racing the most because it was more tight and technical which is what I prefer, and the first day was wide and open, so I didn’t feel as comfortable.

“I was struggling to breathe during in both days of racing, because I’m getting over a chest infection so that slowed me down a little, and I didn’t want to do anything silly to jeopardise my championship lead.

“I couldn’t get as close to Kirk Hutton in points as I would have liked for both rounds, but my two consistent podiums (3-2) has maintained my lead in the E1 Championship by seven points.”

Ben Grabham – Pro E2 class

“I caught bronchitis during the Australian Safari, and it is still playing havoc on my body, which really challenged me in round seven and eight the Off-Road Championship,” said Grabham. “I’m also still a bit sore after the big crash I had on day one of Safari, where I broke my neck brace so I wasn’t in the best of shape all round.

“After each sprint race I felt like I was going to be sick but I gave it my all and I’m happy to have maintained two top ten positions with a 6-5 result over the two days. I’m confident that I can continue to improve I just need to be feeling one hundred percent to give it my best.”

Brad Williscroft – Pro E3 class

“I just started off pretty steady at round seven, and was in second place for most of the day behind Geoff Braico,” said Williscroft. “Then on the last couple of laps Jehi Willis cut some faster laps, and moved in front of me on the times, putting him in second and me in third.

“At round eight it was a different track, and it was a lot more dusty, and I just rode the best I could. I had one crash in the first heat that cost me 30 seconds, and put me dead last in points, but I worked my way from last to fourth place by the end of the day, so I’m happy with that. Promoters actually cut the racing slightly by reducing the format to five laps per sprint test, and I probably could have made up more ground if it hadn’t been cut.”

Race Team Manager Quote from Brad Williscroft.

“Both Grabbo and Kearney had a bad case of the flu over the weekend, and were pretty sick, so they both put in a good effort for the way they were feeling,” said Williscroft.

“Ben Kearney pulled out some of the fastest laps of the day, but was struggling to breathe most of the time. He didn’t let Kirk Hutton gain too many points on him, and he still has a seven point lead in the E1 Championship, and we’re hoping he can claim that win at the final two rounds.

“Grabbo was suffering from a bad case of bronchitis following The Australian Safari, so he did the best he could to maintain a top ten position. The Australian Safari took a lot out of Grabbo, but I’m confident he will be back and ready for battle alongside myself and Ben Kearney at the final round of the Australian Off-Road Championship in September.





The final two rounds of the 2009 AORC will be held at Young (NSW) on September 12th and 13th.


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