News 17 Aug 2009

World MX: KTM juniors star in world championship at Taupo


–     2009 FIM Junior Motocross World Championship
–     Taupo, New Zealand
–     Event date 15 & 16 August 09


Rider    Team     Class    Bike    Home Town    State    Result
Jay Wilson    GMR Motorex KTM    85cc-150F    KTM 85SX    Banora Point    NSW    1st
Dylan Long    GMR Motorex KTM    85cc-150F    KTM 85SX    Benalla    VIC    3rd
Tye Simmonds    Motorex KTM    125cc-250F    KTM 250SXF    Bourke     NSW    2nd


  • Undulating with large jumps
  • Pumice soil base, with sand and saw dust sections


  • Jay Wilson qualified in second place behind Frenchman Dylan Ferrandis, with Lars van Berkel of the Netherlands in 3rd and Dylan Long 4th fastest.
  • Jay Wilson collected 1-3 race results to claim the 85cc World Championship
  • Dylan Long scored 2-7 results to place 3rd overall in the 85cc World Championship
  • Tye Simmonds qualified fastest in the 125cc class, and secured a 3-1 result to claim second in the 125cc World Championship


RACER – Jay Wilson

“I was just in a daze when I crossed the finish line, and I was offered a victory lap which was unreal,” said Wilson.  “I just don’t know what to say about winning the World Championship, I’m thrilled and speechless.

“The track at Taupo was unbelievable despite the weather, and my KTM was running perfect over here in the tough conditions.

“I was really pleased with qualifying, and went into race one pretty confident.  I got a great start, and knew I had to be really aggressive to get to the lead early.  By turn four I was in the lead, and built a comfortable buffer to take the win.

“In race two there was a little bit more pressure to hold it together for the title, and I had a really tough battle with Samuele Bernadini from Italy. We came into contact quite a few times, and I crashed at one stage, but once I got back up I knew I just had to work on holding a top three spot.

“Michaboy de Waal from the Netherlands was also riding hard, so I settled in third, and knew that it was enough to hold the points lead.

“I really want to thank Motorcycling Australia and their support team, GMR Motorex KTM, and their associated sponsors as well as my family for all of the support.  It is an unbelievable feeling, and I am just so proud to be Australia’s first World Motocross Champion.”

RACER – Dylan Long

“In race one I had a mid pack start, and had to fight my way through the field,” said Long. “I had a good battle with Hayden Melross on my way through, but I managed to make my way up to second position behind my KTM team mate Jay Wilson for a 1-2 finish.

“In race two, I didn’t get the start I really needed to be at the pointy end early, so again I had to come through the pack.  As I was coming through another rider lost control, and cut my line which sent me down. I got back up, and pushed back up to third, but I came down again later in the race which set me back for a seventh place finish.

“Honestly, I was hoping for the win this weekend, but with a bit of bad luck it just didn’t go my way. I am really stoked though to be on the podium representing Australia, and I will now start focusing on the Australian Junior Motocross Championships in a few weeks time.

“The whole Australian team environment was great, especially my room mate Scott Mann who kept things fun all week, it really took the pressure off.  I also want to thank all the team at GMR Motorex KTM, my family and everyone who has supported me.”

RACER – Tye Simmonds

“I was off to a good start securing the fastest time in qualifying, and I felt confident for the main event,” said Simmonds.  “I had to battle with some arm pump in the first race which kept me off my pace a little, but I still rode home in third behind Hamish Dobbyn (NZ) in second, and Eli Tomac (USA) in first.

“In the second moto everything came together for me, and I didn’t get any arm pump, I lead from start to finish, but unfortunately had no control over what was happening behind me.

“I had a bit of a gap on Eli at the start, but he slowly wound me in to finish in second behind me, which was enough for him to claim the championship win.  But hey I’m second in the World for Australia, I think we’ll take that for sure, and I’m really thankful to our team coach Greg Moss, my family, plus everyone at Motorcycling Australia, and Motorex KTM Racing for their contribution to my achievement.”

GMR MOTOREX TEAM MANAGER – Glenn Macdonald comments on Jay Wilson & Dylan Long

“The whole team knew that Dylan and Jay were capable of running in the top five for their class, and to see both boys on the podium was an honour for GMR Motorex KTM Racing,” said Macdonald.

“Jay has done an incredible job, and has peaked at the precise time to take home Australia’s first ever World Motocross Championship, and I could not be any more proud than I am right now.  He is a superstar in the making, and everyone in the team, and our associated sponsors are extremely proud of the result.

“Dylan also put in an outstanding performance at Taupo.   He was challenged by mid pack starts, but certainly proved in both races he has the speed to run with the world’s best junior racers.   In the end, a bit of bad luck in race two cost him a better result, but to see Dylan on the podium at a World Championship is something we were all extremely proud of.

“I would also like to thank Motorcycling Australia for their commitment to the team, and for providing this incredible opportunity to allow our young stars to shine on the world stage.

“Congratulations also extends to senior Motorex KTM racer Tye Simmonds for placing second in the 125 cc – 250F class.”

AUSTRALIAN TEAM COACH – Greg Moss comments on Motorex KTM Racer, Tye Simmonds

“Things couldn’t have gone much better,” a delighted Moss said.  “I felt for Tye with the arm pump in his first race, but he went out and showed them [in the second race] – he beat the World Champion in that race, and you’re only as good as your last race.”