News 28 Aug 2009

ASBK: Oleon Motologic Racing confident heading into Mallala


The façade may have changed, but the determination to win remains exactly the same.  Round 5 of the Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike Series will be held this weekend (August 29th-30th) at Mallala Raceway where Oleon Motologic Racing will wheel the new-look bikes from the truck.

Although they boast a fresh new look to reflect the growing support of Oleon Oils and Lubricants, the pilots have not changed except perhaps in their ever-increasing motivation and dedication to succeed.

Defending Australian Champion, Glenn Allerton and team mate Wayne Maxwell are extremely eager to get back on the race track after some very solid testing.

The Oleon Motologic Racing team took to the track at Winton for a test after Round 4 at Eastern Creek dealt them a few unexpected problems.  The weekend in Sydney, although successful revealed the work needed and Motologic Owner and Oleon Motologic Racing team manager, Paul Free is confident that the team have solved the issues.

“At Eastern Creek we did encounter a few issues with the bikes, and it was unfortunate for the riders that it occurred when it did, but they showed their skill at adapting to the situation and we had a successful weekend.”

“It became apparent that the team needed to do some testing without the pressure of being at an event to iron out some issues we had encountered.  We spent a really valuable day at Winton where we did just that.  The team will now attend the practice day at Mallala on Thursday and enter the event with renewed motivation and confidence.”

Both the Oleon Motologic riders have greater focus and confidence after the day spent at Winton.  Glenn Allerton says,

“Motologic has done a great job of developing the ’09 Honda CBR1000RRs; they have an awesome amount of power.  We have had to change the setup of the bike a little to get the best out of this new package.  The bike should now suit the Mallala circuit really well and after last year’s effort I am looking forward to getting back to the circuit where I took this model’s first ever world wide race win.”

Wayne Maxwell is also confident going into Round 5,
“I think we have a little more up our sleeves after the day spent at Winton; we have been able to really get more out of the ’09 Honda’s immense power and it should see us up the front this weekend.”

With practice today and racing this weekend at Mallala Raceway, the Oleon Motologic Racing team are looking to extend the points gap in the series.
Glenn Allerton is still on top with 177 points, but Suzuki’s Josh Waters is not far behind on 170.  Wayne Maxwell has 147 points in the series putting him in third place.  It will definitely be an exciting weekend for the Woodstock Bourbon Australian Superbike Series.