News 3 Oct 2009

Oz MX: NSW takes out Interstate Challenge Cup at Junior titles


New South Wales have taken out the 2009 Honda Australian Junior Motocross Championship Interstate Challenge Cup, wrapping up the event on 144 points, six points ahead of second placed Queensland.

The combined efforts of NSW riders Rhys Budd, Jordan Hill, Elias Dukes, Jay Wilson, Luke Clout, Hayden Mellross, Meghan Rutledge and McKenzie Tricker handed them the Interstate Challenge Cup, returning it to the eastern state after a West Australian Victory in 2008.

Queensland’s representatives included Jesse Dobson, Scott Mann, mason Rowe, Shaun Redhead, Jacob Wright and Nicklas Scott.

Victoria, which placed third was represented by Taj Marshall, Jesse McNally, Matthew Hopkins-Talty, Joel Milesevic, Dylan Long, Billy Jackson, Kale Makeham and Dion Brillanti.

In fourth place was the South Australian team, which consisted of Mitchell Norris, Daniel Banks, Damon Holl, Elijah Wiesse, Kurt Waterman, Siegah Ward, Olly Simpson and Mitch Simpson.

Western Australia took out fifth place in the Interstate Cup Challenge and the team contributing to their points total was Courtney Hirst, Jessica Moore, Jessica Moore, Phillip Bodey, Caleb Grothues, Robbo Lovett and Kyle Pacey.