News 15 Oct 2009

General: Four departure locations set for the 2009 Toy Run


The annual MRA Toy Run is practically an institution in Melbourne. Ever since 1978 when forty motorcyclists met to pass on some toys to some of the community’s less privileged via the Salvation Army, more than 100,000 motorcyclists have taken part, and the Toy Run phenomenon has spread to communities across the globe.

The Motorcyclist Rider’s Association (Vic) will be conducting the Run again on 13 December 2009 with a small twist, recognising just how big the event has become.

MRA(Vic) President John Karmouche said that the Melbourne Toy Run had become something of a victim of its own success.

“Over the years the Toy Run has grown to the extent that finding the resources needed to run it from one central location was becoming increasingly costly,” he said. “With the numbers that wanted to take part, particularly at its peak, the police needed to close roads and coordinate traffic.”

“This year we’ve decided to decentralise the Toy Run, and create four different departure points which will make it easier for everyone involved and be much less of a financial burden on the organisation.”

Riders can join the Toy Run in Melbourne’s North, East South and West and travel in smaller groups. The departure locations are in Melton, Eltham, Cranbourne and Werribee.
Karmouche says the idea is that everyone rides to the Commonwealth Reserve at Williamstown to celebrate the 32nd Toy Run and contribute their donations.

“Having the four separate rides also means that we can stagger arrivals, too which will also be less disruptive of the folks at Williamstown,” Karmouche said.

Motorcyclists who want to take part should consult the MRA Toy Run website for departure locations and times.