News 15 Oct 2009

Off-Road: World Extreme Enduro Championship to be introduced


It was a historical meeting which took place on August 25th inside conference room K24 at Munich Airport’s Municon Center. For the first time, the world’s top five Extreme Enduro  race promotors gathered together for a relaxed discussion about the present and future of the Hard-enduro race scene.

Erzbergrodeo-Mastermind Karl Katoch attended the meeting alongside his fellow race promotors Martin Freinademetz (Red Bull Romaniacs), former Italian Enduro Champion Fabio Fasola (Hell’s Gate), German race promotor Uli Hanus (Roof of Africa), as well as Britain’s Steve Ireland (The Tough One).

At the end of the day, the ’Big-Five’ agreed universally that it’s about time to elevate their efforts to the next level by joining forces  and presenting a unique Championship series to the Offroad world.
“A Extreme Enduro championship series will elevate the sport like never before.”, says Jeff Pakosta of Throttle Entertainment who was responsible for forming this union in August of 2009. “It will also give the competitors new opportunities that they have never had before racing in hard enduro races.”

The race series is a worldwide tour that culminates in one champion at the end of the year. Riders will be awarded points at each round of the series. The rider who has gathered the most points in the end will be the World Xtreme Enduro Champion. 2010 will serve as the marketing and promotion year for the Championship.

Presentation in June 2010
The Big Five will present the WXEC Tour, including its rulebook, to a worldwide audience on June 5th during the Erzbergrodeo. By then it will be clear whether one or two further events are going to be added to the series. The series does initially get underway in January 2011 at The Tough One.

Extreme Enduro is described as man and machine against incredibly difficult terrain on a time-clock. The sport is relatively new compared to traditional Enduro and Motocross. However, the sport is increasing worldwide with the formation of races like the Indoor World Cup and the US Endurocross Series.

Establishing the new series is an important milestone for top riders, manufacturers and, of course, for the sport to achieve a much better global public awareness.