News 18 Oct 2009

World SGP: Crump secures third World Speedway GP crown


Jason Crump has cemented his place in Australian Speedway History, by taking out his third World Championship in six years at Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Heading into round needing only eight points to take the title, Crump cinched the FIM Grand Prix of 2009 by 15 points.

After crashing five weeks ago, it appeared Crump’s season was over however, the Aussie continued to soldier on earning himself yet another World Championship.

Speaking after his win Crump said that he was relishing being a World Champion again.

“Five weeks ago I thought my season was over after my crash at Belle Vue,” Crump said.

“But a fantastic team of people have got me back on track and I have to thank them all.

“The first half of the season went like clockwork, but I messed up a little in the second half when I became a speedway rider rather than a speedway racer.

“The injury never helped but things came good at the end and it was pretty special to win Heat 13 when I only needed a point – it’s an awesome feeling to be World Champion again.”

Fellow Aussie, Leigh Adams, who announced his retirement from the Speedway World Grand Prix Championship at Friday’s practice, came second in the round, with Crump paying tribute to his friend.

“I would like to also take this opportunity to pay tribute to Leigh Adams who announced that he has retired from the World Championship Grand Prix Series,” he said.

“Leigh has contributed so much to the sport of speedway around the world and Australian speedway in particular.”