News 23 Oct 2009

General: MX vs. ATV Reflex set to his Australia on 10 December


Motocross fans should prepare themselves this Christmas for the latest game to come out of the best selling motocross and off-road racing franchise published by THQ. MX vs. ATV™ Reflex™ is packed full of new features and details to ensure the best experience can be had on two wheels, without breaking any bones!

For those a little unsteady, the game opens up with an optional motoskill training lesson that takes players through all the key controls to, essentially, be awesome. Rider control, wreck avoidance, jump techniques and freestyle tricks; if they get these right, players will be setting themselves up for some serious motocross action.

Three major features take pole position in MX vs ATV Reflex that will bring all new experiences to the table, Track Deformation, Rider Reflex and the Freestyle mode. Track deformation is featured throughout the entire game across all seven play modes; Free Ride, Nationals, Supercross, Omnicross, Freestyle, Champion Sport Track and Way Point. The revolutionary physics allows players to ride through the mud, dirt, grass and snow and see real time track treads appear that players will need to react to, to control their bikes. Players must fight for traction and can dig up the track to force the competition to carve new race lines.

The Rider Reflex system is all about rhythm and control. The ability for players to independently shift their body weight to react to the track provides greater precision and fluidity and immerse players in the rhythm of the race like never before. Rider Reflex is also paramount to players nailing some high flying, death defying freestyle tricks. Roll out a ‘deadbody’, flip into a ‘side saddle’ or the old favourite ‘heel kick’ to impress the judges. As the crowd cheers players on for the more jaw dropping tricks, the clock is ticking to fit in as many tricks as possible. Once completed, the judges tally their scores to decide the champion and the highlight reel can begin!

Of course the game wouldn’t be complete without the range of riders and their vehicles of choice. Dependent on the track, the choice includes MX lites, Mx, ATV’s sport trucks and sport buggies. Players can take their pick from an enviable line up including some of the all time greats, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart and Jeremy McGrath. To get the best out of these guys, the game’s controls works with a player’s natural reflexes and instincts to battle their way around the tracks.

MX vs ATV Reflex is redefining motocross gaming. Available on PLAYSTATION®3, XBOX 360®, Nintendo DS™ and Sony PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) players will battle for position, avoid catastrophic disaster, and pull off some mad freestyle tricks in the best off-road game two wheels has seen!

Available: 10 December

PS3: $99.95
XBOX360: $99.95
NDS: $59.95
PSP: $59.95