News 31 Oct 2009

World SX: Stewart wins opening night at 27th Paris Bercy SX


Stewart dominated on night one at the 27th Paris Bercy Supercross.

Stewart dominated on night one at the 27th Paris Bercy Supercross.

The first night of the 27th Supercross of Paris Bercy has been once more exciting, following the tradition of the main European Supercross. The new racing program didn’t affected James Stewart, who won all the races as he did last year, and beats fellow countryman Justin Brayton.

Superpole, American race and traditional main event: for James Stewart it’s always the same story! Relax and smiling when he arrived in the Palais Omnisports, the reigning World Champion took his time to find the good rhythm on the layout and finally didn’t let any chance to his rivals. It was a great night for his fans who cheer him all night long.

“The atmosphere is always great here, and I’m happy to be back. The fans were nice to me, and it took me some time to feel comfortable but I did it and won all the races” said James after the main event.

He was leading his rivals when the race director put the red flag after a crash of Steve Boniface, but a few minutes later James got another holeshot to win the last race. Always fast in Bercy, Justin Brayton finished three times runner-up and scored a second position overall, followed by the ‘Frenchies’. Benjamin Coisy, Gregory Aranda and Marvin Musquin were the strongest, and it’s finally Greg who finished on the podium of the night. Fast and consistent all night long he beats Musquin, who lost all his chances when he retired in the American race after a technical problem; the MX2 World Champion took his revenge as he scored a great podium in the main event.

Superpole: 1.Stewart (USA, Yamaha L&M); 2.Brayton (USA, Yamaha JGR); 3.Aranda (FRA, Kawasaki Bud); 4.Izoird (FRA, Suzuki); 5.Coulon (FRA, Suzuki); 6.Boniface (FRA, Honda Hall de la Moto); 7.Musquin (FRA, KTM Red Bull); 8.Hill (USA, Yamaha L&M); 9.Boni (USA, Honda Campeneac Moto); 10.Coisy (FRA, Honda)

American race: 1.Stewart; 2.Brayton; 3.Coisy; 4.Hill; 5.Boniface; 6.Wey (USA; Kawasaki Bud); 7.Aranda; 8.Boni; 9.Izoird; 10.Martin (FRA, Husqvarna)

Main event: 1.Stewart; 2.Brayton; 3.Musquin; 4.Aranda; 5.Izoird; 6.Boni; 7.Wey; 8.Martin; 9.Hill; 10.Renet (FRA, Suzuki Bodo)

Overall 1st night: 1.Stewart; 2.Brayton; 3.Aranda; 4.Izoird; 5.Hill; 6.Boni; 7.Musquin; 8.Wey; 9.Boniface; 10.Coisy; 11.Martin; 12.Coulon; 13.Renet; 14.Thomas.