News 1 Nov 2009

World SX: Stewart and Brayton win night two at Paris Bercy


Bercy night two saw Stewart and Brayton win races.

Bercy night two saw Stewart and Brayton win races.

Americans James Stewart and Justin Brayton dominate once more tonight program at the Supercross of Paris Bercy, sharing all the success despite a strong opposition from Frenchies Marvin Musquin and Gregory Aranda. Stewart and Brayton didn’t miss any podium, while Aranda and Musquin were both supported by an enthusiastic public!

Surprisingly Stewart didn’t win the first battle of the night, as both Brayton and Aranda did a fastest lap than the reigning champion during the ‘Superpole’ confrontation. The American star reacted immediately, showing to his rivals that Bercy was his ‘garden’ as he dominates the following three rounds of the ‘American race’. But James had some pressure and even did a big mistake when he went out of the track, missing to crash in a technical section! He didn’t got the holeshot in the main event but lead his rivals after two corners, and made another show to win easily this last race of the night.

Aranda also did a mistake in the American race, but the Frenchman wasn’t as lucky as James and retired; he got his revenge in the main event, keeping the second spot for a while until Brayton passed him. The ballot for the grid placement in the main event wasn’t good for Justin and Musquin, but both did a great come back in the top four to secure the overall podium of the night behind Stewart. Third on his 250 KTM, Musquin confirmed his ability on a Supercross track, and expect to get some great starts on Sunday for the third and last night of the event.

Injured on Friday night during the main event, Steve Boniface underwent surgery today in the famous hospital ‘La Pitié Salpetrière’ in Paris. The Frenchman suffers from a broken jaw, a damaged malleolus and a broken wrist, as well as contusions.

Superpole: 1.Brayton (USA, Yamaha JGR); 2.Aranda (FRA, Kawasaki Bud); 3.Stewart (USA, Yamaha L&M); 4 Musquin (FRA, KTM Red Bull); 5.Izoird (FRA, Suzuki); 6 Hill (USA, Yamaha L&M); 7.Coisy (FRA, Honda. 8.); 8.Boni (USA, Honda Campeneac Moto); 9.Wey (USA, Kawasaki Bud Racing); 10.Degli Espoti (ITA, Suzuki)

American race (a five laps race to qualify the firth nine riders, then a four laps race to qualify four riders and a final race of three laps): 1.Stewart; 2.Musquin; 3.Brayton; 4.Boni; 5.Izoird; 6.Wey; 7.Degli Espoti; 8.Aranda; 9.Coisy; 10.Hill

Main event: 1.Stewart; 2.Brayton; 3.Aranda; 4.Musquin; 5.Izoird; 6.Wey; 7.Degli Espoti; 8.Hill; 9.Martin (FRA, Husqvarna); 10.Thomas (USA, Suzuki BC Motos)

Overall 2nd night: 1.Stewart; 2.Brayton; 3.Musquin; 4.Aranda; 5.Izoird; 6.Wey; 7.Boni; 8.Hill; 9.Degli Espoti; 10.Coisy