News 2 Nov 2009

World SX: Brayton takes shock Bercy crown from Stewart


Brayton took a surprise victory at Bercy after Stewart sat out the final night out.

Brayton took a surprise victory at Bercy after Stewart sat out the final night.

Justin Brayton is the 2010 King of Bercy, thanks to his consistency during the three night’s program of the famous French Supercross. Everyone was expecting another triumph from James Stewart, but the American star didn’t raced the main event as he felt faint just before the last start of the weekend, and let his rivals alone on the track.

Winner on Friday and Saturday, Stewart didn’t missed any win during this last night and was cruising to his second consecutive title when the information came in the stadium just as the riders entered on the grid! James was in the first aid room when his teammate Josh Hill got the holeshot in the main race! Improving his results each night Hill was stronger than ever on Sunday, especially in the whoops section; Justin Brayton, Gregory Aranda and Marvin Musquin where chasing him but both Brayton and Musquin crashed during this great race.

Aranda finished runner up of Hill followed by Musquin, who was the most consistent tonight and won the Sunday classification aboard his 250 KTM. The suspense was total for the King of Bercy classification, and finally Brayton beats Stewart by a single point to add his name to a prestigious list of riders! Aranda confirmed his potential with a strong third position, while Musquin just missed it for a single point due to his technical problem on Friday. Concerning the team’s classification USA won the first two nights, but the Frenchies reacted by winning the last one to finish vice champion.

Superpole: 1.Stewart (USA, Yamaha L&M); 2.Musquin (FRA, KTM Red Bull); 3.Brayton (USA, Yamaha JGR); 4.Aranda (FRA, Kawasaki Bud); 5.Izoird (FRA, Suzuki); 6 Hill (USA, Yamaha L&M); 7.Wey (USA, Kawasaki Bud Racing); 8.Martin (FRA, Husqvarna); 9.Degli Espoti (ITA, Suzuki); 10.Renet (FRA, Suzuki Bodo)

American race (a five laps race to qualify the firth nine riders, then a four laps race to qualify four riders and a final race of three laps): 1.Stewart; 2.Musquin; 3.Hill; 4.Brayton / 5.Izoird; 6.Wey; 7.Aranda; 8.Demartis; 9.Thomas;  10.Renet

Main event: 1.Hill; 2.Aranda; 3.Musquin; 4.Izoird; 5.Brayton; 6.Demartis (FRA, Honda); 7.Soubeyras; 8.Wey; 9.Thomas; 10.Degli Espoti

Overall 3rd night: 1.Musquin; 2.Hill; 3.Brayton; 4.Aranda; 5.Izoird; 6.Stewart; 7.Wey; 8.Demartis; 9.Thomas; 10.Soubeyras

King of Bercy 2009: 1.Brayton; 2.Stewart; 3.Aranda; 4.Musquin; 5.Izoird; 6.Hill; 7.Wey; 8.Boni; 9.Martin; 10.Degli Espoti

Teams classification: 1.USA, 4; 2.France, 5