News 5 Nov 2009

General: Ducati enters Chinese market with store at Shanghai


Ducati executives cut the ribbon to launch the Shanghai store.

Ducati executives cut the ribbon to launch the Shanghai store.

Gabriele Del Torchio (Ducati Motor Holding President), together with Cristiano Silei (Ducati Vice President Sales) and Mirko Bordiga (Ducati Asia Pacific CEO), officially cut the ribbon at the inauguration of Ducati Shanghai, the first official store in China for the famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer. With this significant opening, Ducati is officially present in the Chinese motorcycle market.

The revision of vehicle use and registration rules within the most important Chinese cities has contributed to taking this important step.  Growing recognition of Italian products in China, and in particular large capacity motorcycles, has further identified Ducati as the world-wide ambassador of “made in Italy“ excellence.

“In terms of potential development, the Asian Pacific Region today represents the most dynamic and interesting area worldwide,” declared Ducati President Gabriele Del Torchio during the store opening ceremony. “Ducati, whose dynamic mission has always been performance excellence, had to be present with a solid structure in this part of the world.

Last year we incorporated the regional offices in Shanghai and today we are happy and proud to announce our official presence in the Chinese market. Through our distribution network, we take on the prestigious role of “made in Italy” ambassadors with our motorcycles, renown all over the world for their sophisticated performance, technological innovation and winning tradition.

By opening in China, Ducati is present all over the world. The markets where our bikes are sold are now up to 80. This is not just the achievement of an important and significant number – it confirms our commitment towards the challenge we launched for the future.

Given the speed of Chinese economic development and growing interest towards “made in Italy”, we are convinced this is a tremendous opportunity for Ducati.  We are proud to be here in China and, with this opening, mark the start a long and constructive road ahead”.