News 13 Nov 2009

General: Hypermotard 796 to headline Sydney show for Ducati


The Hypermotard family will expand for 2010 with the addition of the exciting new Hypermotard 796 – get your first look at this motorcycle at the Sydney Motorcycle Show Ducati stand!

Just as aggressively striking as the 1100, the new Hypermotard 796 features a lower seat height and a brand new smooth and ultra flexible engine to make it the perfect urban assault vehicle. Whether it’s working the daily commute or attacking the open roads, the 796 will ride the common ground between manners and madness by mixing Ducati’s unrivalled twin-cylinder power and sportbike heredity with the lightweight and minimalist supermotard concept making it highly attractive to many riders, including those currently riding or considering the purchase of a mid to large capacity single cylinder Motard model.

The 796 weighs in at just 167kg, partly achieved by a very lightweight engine, but also by continued chassis development that includes redesigned top and bottom fork clamps and an improved frame layout which eliminates almost all of the forged elements previously used with the 1100.

At 825mm, the seat height of the 796 is a sure-footed 20mm lower than the 1100 and when combined with the new engine’s smooth power delivery, this Hypermotard inspires confidence for all rider levels however and wherever its ridden.

The completely new Ducati 796 engine, which conforms to Euro 3 regulations, produces 81hp (59.6kW) of power and 55.7lb-ft (7.7kgm) of torque with the smooth and economic rideability expected from all Desmodue L-Twins.

The bike is equipped by an APTC ‘wet’ clutch to give a ‘slipper’ type action that reduces skip and destabilization of the rear-end during aggressive down-shifting and also gives the extra benefit of a super-light feel at the lever, a great benefit in stop-start city traffic or during longer journeys.

The new 796 comes in an urban-style Dark finish with matte black tank and beak section, black frame and black wheels, or alternatively, matte white tank with contrasting matte black beak, black frame and black wheels. For the purists, an 1100 look-alike red tank with matching beak section, red frame and black wheels gives the 796 a traditional livery.