News 23 Nov 2009

FMX: Steve Mini wins a round of world championship in Africa


Australian freestyle motocross rider Steve Mini has taken first place in the FIM Freestyle Motocross World Championship “Night of Jumps” held in Namibia, Africa on Saturday night.

Mini, who is originally from NSW is the first Australian rider ever to win a round of the prestigious European based championship and only the third Australian EVER to win an international FMX event.

A brand new addition to this round of the World Championship was the “Best Trick” contest, where Mini also claimed victory, with a “Tsunami Back-Flip.”

“I’m so stoked to come over here and win Freestyle and Best Trick in the one event! It’s been a pretty tough month being away from home to compete in Europe, so its awesome to finish on a high note. The people of Africa have been great, but I can’t wait to be home this week!” Steve Mini said.

The win boosted Mini to 8th overall in the World Championship standings, despite him having missed a round with prior commitments.

Mini was incredibly lucky to escape serious injury at a demonstration only a week prior to competing in Africa, when the borrowed machine he was riding failed moments before Mini launched into a huge backflip combination trick; he was forced to eject from his bike while soaring 40 feet in the air. Luckily the 26 year old suffered only minor bruising.

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Results Freestyle – Namibia November 22

1. Steve Mini         AUS   MA        Yamaha   291 Points
2. Brice Izzo          FRA   FFM       Yamaha   289 Points
3. Brody Wilson      USA   AMA     Honda      283 Points
4. Libor Podmol      CZE   ACCR    Suzuki      281 Points
5. Jose Miralles      ESP   RFME     KTM         280 Points
6. Alistar Sayer      BOT   NMSF    Suzuki      228 Points

Results Best Trick Contest – Namibia November 22

1. Steve Mini            AUS
2. Alistar Sayer         BOT
3. Libor Podmol         CZE