News 1 Dec 2009

Racing: FIM reduces sound decibles in competition disciplines


Involved for many years in the field of environmental protection and proud of the agreement with the United Nations Environment Program, since two years, the FIM has been committed to an initiative aiming at the reduction of sound levels of motorcycles used in off-road competitions.

With the support from manufacturers worldwide and our promoters, the new sound test method “2 metre max” * will be applied as from 2010 in Motocross, Enduro and Track Racing World Championships. The new method will be much more evident for our fellow citizens and for the fight against excessive noise.

The noise levels permitted will be an important first step in the reduction of sound levels, with an average reduction between 3 and 6 dB/A, compared to the current situation, depending on the discipline.

For Motocross and Track Racing, the maximum noise level admitted at a distance of 100 metres will be of 81 dB/A, and in Enduro the maximum noise level admitted at a distance of 100 metres will be 78 dB/A.

This action will be relayed in a new FIM campaign called “RIDE QUIET”, not only beneficial for the future of motorcycle racing, but also for the benefit of all motorcyclists on the street.

Vito Ippolito, FIM President said: “For the past 15 years, FIM has become a leading sporting federation, actively involved in the study and application of solutions to fight against environmental nuisance. The rules of the new sound test method for competition, represents a significant progress. I’m really pleased with the collaboration with our partners to achieve this agreement. ”

Jean-Pierre Mougin, FIM Deputy President and Chairman of the Steering Committee for the reduction of sound levels added: “A major step has been made with the implementation of this new method, thanks to an excellent cooperation between manufacturers and promoters, not to mention the strong impulse given by the Danish federation (DMU). This is important for the survival of all FIM off-road disciplines. The FIM had to react effectively. 2010 will constitute a first step in the fight against noise nuisances and the results will define the future actions.”

*The new sound level test method “2 metre max” is carried out at with the sound meter positioned at the rear of the motorcycle, at a distance of two metres and an angle of 45°from the silencer. The engine is tested at maximum rpm.