News 12 Dec 2009

MotoGP: More details on Moto2 category released by Dorna

The meeting of the Grand Prix Commission in Geneva yesterday also announced further details on the Moto2 World Championship, set to replace the 250cc Grand Prix category in 2010.

News contained in a press release issued by Dorna included further details on Moto2, with the revelation that sealed engines will be provided to each team on a random basis, with the majority of the maintenance to be carried out by the official engine supplier (Honda).

Teams can utilise their own exhaust systems, but the standard ECU can only be modified with the software provided with the engine. The data logger that comes fitted with the bike will be mandatory, although extra channels will be available for testing purposes.

Although teams can modify their radiators and external cooling systems, oil pumps and coolant pumps must remain as standard fitment, with no extra oil coolers to be utilised.

The inlet system (airbox, air filter, throttle bodies and injectors) must also remain stock.

Chassis-wise, the complete motorcycle must be a prototype and will have a minimum weight of 135 kilograms, which is 15 kilograms less than the current four-cylinder MotoGP weight limit.

Teams will only be allowed to use the official control engine based from the CBR600RR at official Moto2 tests and grand prix events, effectively eliminating serious testing outside of the official events.

Click here to download a PDF of the new regulations