News 13 Dec 2009

New features for 2010!

Got a little present coming to you guys in January that I think will see the interaction greatly increase on here for 2010 and beyond.

Firstly, some of you may notice that if you start a topic then you receive notification emails to inform you whenever somebody adds to it, but if you simply post a reply within a thread then you don't get emails if somebody writes again, thus making it easy to lose track of a particular thread. This will be fixed (with the options to turn the notifications off, of course).

We'll have the ability to add avatars and information about ourselves to go along with the forum next year, creating more of an identity for everybody within the forum than just a simple screen name while none of us know anything about each other.

But there are a few surprises in store that will make the experience great fun for everyone, with a big investment going into it, although I'm pretty sure we'll all (me included) enjoy the benefits it'll provide to us individually and to motorcycling as a sport in Australia. I won't spill all of the beans just yet until big Santa comes, but it'll be good.

With the new features that are in the works I can say that as part of our increased focus on visitor interaction, users on here will have the ability to win tickets to various types of domestic race meetings, team pit tours, meet with riders, and we'll also have our very own tipping competition in selected race series!

Like I said, I'll keep the big news under wraps until its launched very early in the new year, but I'm excited for sure.

That's all for now! :-)

Thanks again to you guys for your support so far and I hope you enjoy the site.