News 19 Dec 2009

AMA SBK: Kawasaki pulls out of AMA Superbike Championship

Kawasaki has announced that it will pull out of AMA Superbike Championship in 2010, joining Honda on the sidelines in the series promoted by Daytona Motorsports Group.

“While we’ve always considered road racing an integral part of our sportbike development process, the realities of the current economic situation dictate the temporary suspension of our U.S. road racing activities,” said Bruce Stjernstrom, marketing director.

Kawasaki’s long history of successful road racing includes 20 AMA series championships. Among the many champions who have worn the Kawasaki lime green racing leathers are Reg Pridmore, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Miguel Duhamel, Scott Russell, Doug Chandler, Eric Bostrom and more recently Tommy Hayden and Roger Hayden.

“We expect to see eventual improvements in the general economic condition and Kawasaki will reevaluate its road racing position as we monitor those issues,” said Stjernstrom.

Kawasaki’s demise has left 2009 riders Hayden and Jamie Hacking without a seat for the new year.