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Post Race with Cody Cooper

MotoOnline tracks down Kiwi Cody Cooper for a quick chat after his Wodonga MX Nationals win.

The form of New Zealander Cody Cooper has been in question during much of the 2010 MX Nationals season upon his return to Australia with Rockstar Motul Suzuki, not instantly gaining the results that many expected.

A slow start for Coops had many within the industry and fans on the sidelines scratching their head, however in recent weeks the rider we all expected has returned and hit his stride at the midway point of the year.

Cooper has built momentum since claiming fourth at the Toowoomba round in Queensland’s round four, last weekend finally making the overall podium for the first time of the year and doing so with a popular round victory at Wodonga in Victoria. spoke to Cooper after the podium celebrations to find out what the deal’s been so far.

Kiwi Cody Cooper scored his first Pro Open MX Nationals win of the season in Victoria on Sunday. Image: Stephen Piper.

Kiwi Cody Cooper scored his first Pro Open MX Nationals win of the season in Victoria on Sunday. Image: Stephen Piper.

You were able to take your first overall of the season here at Wodonga’s sixth round, congratulations.

Yeah, thanks. It’s always good to take your first one to get the ball rolling. The sun was pretty bad in that last moto, plus my legs were cramping up a bit because I hadn’t been hydrating enough, but we’ll take two wins and a fourth.

I’ve really been working on a few things these last three weeks that I hadn’t been previously – which I should have been – and it’s working now. I picked up a few more things today and I’m really looking forward to the final rounds of the season now, for sure.

Those first two motos saw you win both as you stepped it up today, so is this a track that suits your style?

It just has good ruts and it’s rough, you know, although it was a little bit difficult to pass. All in all it’s good, I’m happy with this round win. I’m hoping that the tracks we’re coming up to are like this too, because they’ve done a good job. As far as Aussie tracks go, the last ones haven’t been up to this, this is definitely the best one so far.

You’ve been building up to this result with strong rides in recent rounds, so is the bike improving or is it a combination of things that have put you on the top step of the podium?

It’s just me, you know. Like I said, I wasn’t doing what I should have been doing when I was practicing. I’ve really worked hard for the last three weeks and it’s paid off. I just have to keep doing it and add a few more things into my preparation and we should be even better for the next round.

Moto one saw you come through and pass BillyMac on the last lap after an exciting battle, so was that a surprise win for you? How did that race play out?

I came into this weekend with a new theory to relax more, to ride like when I practice, and it definitely worked. I thought about that a lot out there today and when I saw Billy up the front at the point when I was in fourth, I was surprised with how big of a gap he had.

So I finally got into second after a lot of work to get by Jay [Marmont], he put up a good fight, and I actually set him up in one of the corners before I saw a yellow flag, so I had to let him go by.

Then I finally got him, put my head down to charge ahead for Billy, and I almost got him in that triple-triple section there. I just about landed right next to him, we came into the next corner and he hit it a bit hard, stood it up, and I took the opportunity to grab the lead.

It was on the last lap, so I really pinned my ears back then, that’s for sure [laughs].

You’ve been in America in recent seasons, claimed some solid results in the AMA Nationals as well, so what’s it been like back in Australia? Has it progressed much over here?

Oh yeah, that’s what I was blown away with – just how fast these young guys are stepping it up. They’re not going slow, that’s for sure. Everybody’s hauling and there’s good depth, so when they decide to migrate out to another country then they’re going to go good, for sure.

So what’s the plan from here as you sit sixth in the championship, 40 points off the lead – can you fight back into title contention?

I’m just going to put my head down and do the best in every race that I can. Jay [Foreman, Suzuki team manager] was talking to me and told me there are still 200 points to be made, so it’s possible. It just depends how the other guys do, as well. I’ve got nothing to lose and they do, so I just need to go hard and do the best that I can in every race to finish the year.

We look forward to watching. Well done again and thanks for the chat!

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Cooper has hit form in the second part of the 2010 season.

Cooper has hit form in the second part of the 2010 season.