News 12 Sep 2010

World MX: Philippaerts and Roczen on top in Italian heats

Suzuki youngster Ken Roczen is on the MX2 pole position in Italy at the season finale.

Suzuki youngster Ken Roczen is on the MX2 pole position in Italy at the season finale.

With the FIM Motocross World Championship 2010 season coming to an end in Fermo in Italy this weekend, home rider David Philippaerts started off strong by taking the pole ahead of tomorrow’s races, when he will chase the second position in the championship after Tony Cairoli won it in Brazil.

A hard fought MX1 qualifying heat saw Philippaerts dominate but second place went to a surprising Sebastien Pourcel finishing ahead of Nicolas Aubin, both taking their first top three finish of 2010.

Fourth was Tony Cairoli – in the day he and Philippaerts have been finally confirmed as Team Italy riders at the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations – as he struggled after the start and lost a few positions.

It was Cairoli leading the pack into the first corner but once he opened the gas to get away from his rivals, he found himself in a wrong line and Philippaerts could snatch the lead.

The Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross rider raced hard to keep the lead as French Nicolas Aubin and Seb Pourcel followed him right from the start to the race.

Rockstar Energy Bud Racing Kawasaki’s Aubin became dangerous at lap four when he managed to move past Philippaerts and take the lead. Though the Italian fought back to place himself on top again and from then on he dominated the race to take his fourth pole of 2010.

Aubin was settling for a solid second when Kawasaki Racing’s French countryman Pourcel moved past. The latter wrapped up the runner up position ahead of Aubin as both celebrated their best qualifying result of 2010.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MX1’s Cairoli found himself at the bottom of the top five after his mistake at the first corner and was forced to recover up to an eventual fourth place, moving past Belgian Steve Ramon.

2010 MX1 World Champion Cairoli tried to catch Aubin for third but preferred to save his energies for tomorrow, when he and Philippaerts wish to hand their home crowd a grand prix win.

Rockstar Teka Suzuki World MX1’s Ramon did a consistent race and rode fifth from beginning to end but the Belgian did several mistakes which made him crash and put in danger his position.

However, his gap with his pursuer Davide Guarneri of Italy was big enough to keep his position until the chequered flag. Guarneri was a solid sixth as he still seeks his maiden podium in the MX1 class while Max Nagl was seventh.

Runner up in the championship Clement Desalle instead struggles after his crashes at Lierop and ended a brave eighth. Life will not be easy tomorrow for the Belgian, with both Philippaerts and Nagl aiming at his position in the standings.

Jimmy Albertson and Xavier Boog completed the top 10 ahead of Kiwi Josh Coppins, racing his last GP this weekend.

Australian Dean Ferris qualified 31st in the MX1 heat race.

Teka Suzuki Europe World MX2’s Ken Roczen stormed to his fifth pole position of 2010 in Fermo, where he dominated the qualifying heat to win ahead of arch-rival Marvin Musquin.

The French took the holeshot but Roczen made a swift move to snatch the lead already at the first lap. From then on the 16-year-old German, who promised to give news on his future tomorrow after the Grand Prix, led the way from Musquin to take the chequered flag one second in front of him.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MX2’s Musquin, who won the MX2 World Title last weekend in Lierop while Roczen pulled out of the race with a technical problem, was a solid second to Roczen as he showed he could match the rival’s pace throughout the whole race.

The two will surely battle with each other to take victory in the final round of 2010 tomorrow.

Kawasaki CLS’ Jeremy Van Horebeek took third in qualifying, with the result making up for last weekend when the Belgian rode ill. Kawasaki CLS team mate Steven Frossard was fourth as he followed the leading trio for the whole race.

Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross’ Gautier Paulin completed the top five after he won last weekend’s Grand Prix of Benelux on the sand.

As Roczen and Frossard are well settled in their second and third place in the championship, there is a dogfight for the fourth place where injured Jeffrey Herlings is at the moment.

Finishing eighth today, Zach Osborne seems to have a higher chance to snatch the position but Joel Roelants qualified in 11th will not let the American go so easy tomorrow.

Stephanie Laier obtained the 2010 FIM Women’s World Title after winning race one at the last round of the championship and having still one more heat to go tomorrow. Second was home rider Chiara Fontanesi and completing the top three was Larissa Papenmeier.

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