News 12 Sep 2010

World Trials: Team Australia place seventh in Women's TdN

Team Australia placed seventh in the Women's Trials des Nations in Poland on Saturday.

Team Australia placed seventh in the Women's Trials des Nations in Poland on Saturday.

The Australian Women’s Team has placed seventh at the 2010 Trial des Nations held at Myślenice, Poland on Saturday.

The team, consisting of Brooke Lonie, Ailsa Anderson and Kristie McKinnon, put in an incredible effort following their rides at the World Women’s Trial Championship.

While Spain, Great Britain, and Germany took out the podium places, the girls were happy with their efforts, albeit rather soggy from a day riding in the rain.

Speaking after the event, McKinnon said that the entire team put in an amazing effort considering the tough conditions.

“Because of all the rain over the last few nights, the conditions were really sloppy and greasy and muddy out there,” McKinnon said.

“Despite the tough conditions everyone really stepped up – we just don’t get those kind of sections back home, for the two other girls riding the smaller bikes, they really put in a big effort to make it through the thick mud like that.

“It took me the first lap to get used to the technique and settle into it, but for the other girls it was a big effort to get through on the 125cc bikes.

“It’s awesome riding as part of a team, it’s a lot more social, you get to encourage each other through and see each other have some spectacular crashes!”

For Lonie, originally selected as a reserve rider, it was a last minute call that secured her place on the team, and despite all the stress of getting organised so quickly, it was well worth it.

“As stressful as it was to be called in as an emergency rider at the last minute, when you step back and see that you get to represent your country, you realise just how lucky you are,” Lonie said.

“Being able to come over to the Trial des Nations is a great way to see how far you’ve come in the past 12 months. In 2009 we were quite a distance from the Norwegian Team, whereas this year we were only two points behind them – and considering the conditions of the event, we’ve improved.

“Just seeing some of the top girls out the riding really encourages you – it gives you that extra drive and determination to commit more to training and development in order to get to where they’re at.”

Meanwhile for first-time team member Anderson, the opportunity to represent her country has been a massive honour.

“While we were out there it was sweet to know that we were riding for Australia and working together as part of a team,” Anderson said.
“When I got the phone call about getting onto the team I was at work.

“I was stoked when the manager finally told me I was on the team, and it was such an honour to get that call – the first thing I did was call my mum and dad, and I think they’re really proud of me getting into the team.

“It’s been so surreal, it only clicked that I was coming over to represent Australia when I got on the plane to fly over here, but I was super excited and it’s been an awesome experience.”