News 27 Sep 2010

World SGP: Crump ninth in Italy, Gollob wins championship

Three-time Speedway Grand Prix World Champion Jason Crump has endured his worst result of the 2010 season taking only seven points from the FIM Nice Italian SGP at Terenzano on a night where rival Tomasz Gollob was crowned world champion for the first time.

An engine failure added to Crump’s woes as he struggled to find the right set-up on the hard, slick track.

Acknowledging he had an off night Crump said there were no excuses.

“It just wasn’t a good day, the bottom line is I rode badly and didn’t do much right tonight,” Crump admitted.

“We were ok in practice, the track wasn’t good but we adapted and got the setup right. Then it rained and it looked like it was going to be soft but it was actually quite hard. I made all the wrong choices at the wrong times.

“I take my hat off to Tomasz, he thoroughly deserved this title. I couldn’t compete with him this year he was one step ahead of me the whole time. It is an absolute credit to him to be winning his first world championship at 39, it just shows if you are fit and want something bad enough you can do it.”

While he still is still to contest the final event, the FIM Bydgoszcz SGP of Poland on 9 October, Crump has confirmed he will undergo surgery to repair nerve damage to his left arm the following week.

Crump’s fellow Aussie Chris Holder finished 10th.