News 5 Oct 2010

Pirelli releases Diablo Rosso Corsa

Pirelli has announced details of its all-new Diablo Rosso Corsa tyre.


Pirelli is proud to present the Diablo Rosso Corsa, the newest hypersport tyre that marks two motorcycle industry innovations: the ability to transfer more horsepower from the motorcycle to the ground and the first tyre that can express a rider’s individuality by the personalization of its sidewalls.

Diablo Rosso Corsa uses the experience gained by Pirelli in racing championships all over the world and adopts new technologies developed in these racing environments to ensure high levels of performance and safety, for performance on the road and the track.

In particular, Diablo Rosso Corsa is characterised by compounds derived from WSBK and also EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology) which optimises the tyre’s contact patch at all lean angles.

The most important innovation of the Diablo Rosso Corsa is the introduction of an effective method of measuring the true performance of motorcycle tyres: the amount of horsepower that a motorcycle can transfer to the ground.

During intense comparative tests carried out using the Diablo Rosso Corsa, testers were able to transfer at least 10 HP more from the bike to the road surface than any other tested reference tyre at each point of the test track, with a peak of 40 HP.

These tests were conducted using a standard production motorcycle with standard setup, and the Diablo Rosso Corsa was shown to be superior to all other tested tyres in its ability to make the horsepower of a standard bike more usable for riders.

The extreme technology inside Diablo Rosso Corsa is uniquely matched with an opportunity for motorcyclists to express their passions and personality. With special customisable labels designed by riders themselves, the sidewalls of the Diablo Rosso Corsa are a calling card where the rider can design a personal message that can be written on the tyres: it can include the rider’s own name, country flag, preferred circuit and also in different colours.

The dedicated areas on the front and rear sides of Pirelli’s newest hypersport tyre are specifically designed to accommodate the labels, which can be created on Pirelli’s website and received at the rider’s home address.

The Diablo Rosso Corsa personalisation kit, containing an exclusive set of six special tyre labels and all the materials needed for application are available for purchase from the My Diablo Rosso™ Corsa dedicated section of the official website at

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa is avaiable now in the following sizes: 120/70ZR-17,160/60ZR-17,180/55ZR-17,190/50ZR-17,190/55ZR-17.

With the arrival of Diablo Rosso Corsa, a new way of measuring tyres and their level of performance is born: the amount of horsepower the motorcycle transfers to the ground.

The latest Pirelli tyre is the first where intensive comparison tests were performed on a test circuit in order to measure the true “usable” power of a motorcycle. The results show that the Diablo Rosso Corsa at any point in the circuit, when coming up from lean and at initial acceleration, is able to transfer to the ground at least 10 more Hp than any other tested reference with a peak difference of 40 Hp.

This more exploitable horsepower delivered by the Diablo Rosso Corsa translates to quicker acceleration out of the corners, higher speed on the straights and ultimately lower lap times. These tests were run using a standard production Honda CBR 1000RR with normal production suspension and standard setup as recommended by the manufacturer, including tyre pressures for normal road use.

This coveted performance has been achieved by technical features such as its III zone compound with WSBK shoulder grip and EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology), as well as its patented structural elements like its H-shaped bead and 0° steel belt with new High Performance Single Cord.

Pirelli tested the new Diablo Rosso Corsa against various reference products (Diablo Corsa III, Diablo Rosso, Dunlop Qualifier RR, Michelin Power Pure, Bridgestone BT 016 and Metzeler Sportec M5) at the Siracusa test circuit.

By securing instruments commonly used to analyse the telemetry data in the World Superbike environment, Pirelli was able to accurately measure the required parameters in order to calculate the power discharged by the tyre to the ground.

These parameters form true scientific logic and include acceleration (in both its lateral and longitudinal components), instantaneous velocity, and lean angle. During the various stages of the turn, the measurements were focused on the moments on corner exits and at maximum lean when the throttle is being reopened, which is precisely when a rider needs all available power on the ground to achieve maximum acceleration.

The final calculations took into account the mass of the vehicle, including both the weight of the bike and the rider. The true Force applied by the tyre to the ground is measured by the scientific formula F = m *a (force = mass times acceleration).

The Power output is found by multiplying the force by the velocity (P = F * v). In this way, Pirelli’s R&D staff were able to measure the horsepower the bike was unloading to the ground moment by moment, centimetre by centimetre in various corners of the circuit in Sicily.

With Pirelli’s new Diablo Rosso Corsa, the motorcycle tyre is transformed from a purely technical component into a “canvas” where riders can communicate their story and passions.

Pirelli Moto opens the road to tyre personalisation with an industry first: the unique and exclusive opportunity to apply special labels on the sidewall of the tyres, accepting a full name or initials, single words or entire messages, images, logos and colours.

Dedicated spaces on the sides of the front and rear tyres of Pirelli’s newest ultra-performance tyre are specially designed to accommodate these innovative labels, which anyone can create from Pirelli’s website and receive at home.

The Diablo Rosso Corsa personalisation kit contains an exclusive set of six tyre labels and the necessary adhesive material to apply them to the tyres’ sidewalls, and is available to create and order on-line directly from a special section of Pirelli’s website:

In a simple but new and exclusive option, riders can choose from a vast selection of templates including prestigious circuits of the Superbike World Championship, as well as designs and country flags, and can also include a riders own name or unique message in a variety of colours.

In this simple but stylish way, the Diablo Rosso Corsa becomes an even more unique element of the bike as its expression of personal tastes makes it possible for riders to differentiate themselves and stand out from the everyday rider.

The Diablo Rosso Corsa is a hypersport tyre characterised by differentiated compound zones with an exclusive shoulder compound derived directly from WSBK, along with a performance-enhancing contact patch technology for a package that fuses superior technology and a “signature” look, both ultramodern and timeless.

The tyre therefore becomes a subtle element of style and is all about the rider’s tastes and passions.

This Pirelli innovation makes a tyre purchase even more personal, since the labels can be applied only to Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa motorcycle tyres.

Pirelli Moto is delighted to announce the Diablo Rosso Corsa, the newest member of the successful ROSSO Generation and the only hypersport tyre for road and track use with WSBK technology.

This new tyre supplements the Diablo Rosso in Pirelli’s sport range and replaces its acclaimed predecessor, the Diablo Corsa III, by measurably exceeding its key performance values.

Diablo Rosso Corsa matches the evolution of sports bikes’ needs in terms of handling and acceleration allowing riders to reach the maximum potential of their motorcycles by transferring more horsepower to the ground.

Target: Every Day Is Race Day
The Diablo Rosso Corsa’s application includes all true performance-oriented motorcycle riders who push the limits from mountain curves to the racetrack, riders who can recognize the distinction between pure racetrack and pure road usage, and those who crave the ultimate performance tyre along with an aggressive tread pattern look. The new top-of-the- range for Pirelli Moto features a broader range of sizes, EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology), and an undoubted grip level from its III zone compound.

Pirelli’s development of this ultra-performance radial tyre was aimed towards today’s modern sport bikes characterised by new technological features and electronic aids such as ABS systems, traction control, advanced electronic management systems, suspension control and gear shifting systems. Diablo Rosso Corsa is structurally adaptive to the new generation of chassis with higher rigidity, allowing for greater responsiveness for the optimum balance between grip and handling.

Technical Highlights
• Diablo Rosso Corsa is credited with 25 patents, along with grip enhancements from its Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT), a solution developed in the WSBK experiences for an optimised contact patch area at all lean angles on the road and the track, for true confidence and power transfer to the ground in any riding conditions.

• EPT is complemented by the III Zone Compound rear tyre whose new compound in the central zone guarantees long lasting performance and ample shoulder zone compound from WSBK.

• Diablo Rosso Corsa’s captivating tread pattern is designed with the winning FGD (Functional Groove Design) technology, which combines a slick-like area on the rear shoulders, while the tread grooves are selectively concentrated for an aggressive tread design that gives quick racetrack warm-up and consistent water drainage, for great control on wet surfaces.

• “H shaped” bead – this new design optimises the sidewall stiffness, bringing increased support and precision at maximum lean angles. The layout of the “H shaped” bead wires creates uniform pressure between the tyre and rim, creating a stiffness that improves stability both at lean and also in straight-line riding, reducing the risk of tyre slippage during severe racetrack usage. A reduction of the number of steel wires used in this layout also results in lighter weight.

• High Performance Single Cord (HPSC): Using a single cord winding of the steel belt, Pirelli’s engineers were able to obtain a differentiated structure from crown to shoulder, in the centre a road-oriented winding scheme is used for street handling and a racing winding scheme is used in the shoulders for track performance, while the total number of steel strings maintains linear performance. The tread design and compounds are designed to ensure maximum safety in all riding conditions, even in the wet: confidence and safety are never compromised; in wet conditions Diablo Rosso Corsa surpasses all race replica products.

Compounds: Derived from WSBK
The front compound is the result of the top WSBK riders’ feedback, which has resulted in the development of a solution that combines the highest grip without losing tread stiffness, to guarantee the necessary support under heavy breaking and also for faster corner exit.

The III zone compound on the rear represents the ideal way to offer the best performance required in different conditions (racetrack and road).

The differentiated compounds between the shoulders and centre zones is the winning solution engineered to give Diablo Rosso Corsa the racing performance needed for the track as well as long lasting performance for the road:

• Long mileage is guaranteed by high mechanical resistance materials on the Central Zone with a compound derived from Diablo Rosso experience, but even sportier; Pirelli engineers have used special resins and plasticisers optimised in terms of chemical properties and quantity to ensure the best balance between dry and wet grip. A new dedicated curing process increases the compound’s wear resistance and therefore mileage.

• The wide tyre shoulders adopt a new high hysteresis compound developed and used in the WSBK arena, featuring continuous grip response and incredible traction even at high lean angles. The 100% Carbon black compound’s lower rigidity, especially at mid-low temperature, allows for very fast warm up and reduces the temperature difference on the tyre’s surface for a very linear transition from one compound to the other. Specifically tuned WSBK resins from the Diablo Supercorsa are used which function at very high temperatures and levels of stress, distinctive elements required for racetrack use. The wide shoulder zone offers WSBK grip starting from low lean angles, to exploit this new performance when needed, whether on the racetrack or on the road.

Tread Pattern: Attractive Design
The Diablo Rosso Corsa tread pattern adopts the same winning FGD technology (Functional Groove Design) concept of the Diablo Rosso tread, combining excellent slick-like racetrack performance together with great control on wet surfaces.

The 100% slick area on the rear shoulders (nude shoulder) is available from low to high lean angles to allow WSBK racetrack feeling with calibrated grooves in the middle that maximize the contact patch: The transversal groove between the rear central section and the edges quickly disperses residual water and assures maximum grip all the way through a corner, even on very wet surfaces.

Another slick area in the centre puts more rubber on the ground for traction and stability.

Diablo Rosso Corsa retains all the outstanding features of Diablo Corsa III in terms of comfort and stability, while enhancing handling and grip to the utmost. Diablo Rosso Corsa improves duration of performance on the racetrack and above all on-road to ensure true road lasting and racetrack performance. Furthermore, Diablo Rosso Corsa improves wet performance compared to the Diablo Corsa III, confirming itself as the best in class for wet versus any race replica product.

The Diablo Rosso Corsa is available in the following sizes: 120/70ZR17 front; 160/60ZR17, 180/55ZR17, and 190/50ZR17 as well as 190/55ZR17 rear.

More detailed information and videos of the Diablo Rosso Corsa as well as the entire range of Pirelli motorcycle tyres can be found online at