News 27 Oct 2010

Oz MX: Details released for FX Motocross Championship

Australian Road & Track Rider Promotions (ARTRP) has announced the main event details for the upcoming Australasian FX Motocross Championship and the Australasian Junior FX Motocross Championship at Winton in Victoria on 18-19 December.

The Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA) has awarded the inaugural AMXC with Australasian championship status, to be run in conjunction with the Saturday series finale of the three-round day/night Australasian FX Superbike Championship at Winton.

“ARTRP has believed since the first days of the company that Australia is sorely lacking a true domestic major motorcycle racing extravaganza that encompasses more than one aspect of the sport and allows on site camping and we aim to provide just that at Winton Raceway in mid December,” said a statement released this morning.

ARTRP promoted events accept both current MA competition licenses and AASA competition licenses.

Junior racing will take place on the Saturday with racing expected to finish at around 4:30pm, just in time to see the final races on the FX Superbike Championship which is being run at the road racing track until approximately 8:00pm on the other side of the large Winton campground.

Camping with toilets and showers will be available on the Saturday night for a small fee. Competitors who are camping at Winton Raceway on the Saturday night will also be able to stay and see the next day’s racing of the nationally televised single round Senior AMX Championship on the full Winton Motocross Circuit.

The category structure for the event is as follows:


  • FX250 Pro-Lites (250cc four-stroke)
  • FX250 Lites (250cc four-stroke B, C & D Grade)
  • FX450 Pro-Open (450cc four-stroke and 250cc two-stroke)
  • FX450 Open (450cc four-stroke and 250cc two-stroke B, C & D Grade)
  • Under 19s (250cc two-stroke and 250cc four-stroke)
  • Ladies (All grades and all powers)

Race times for all classes on Sunday will be 13 minutes, plus one lap.


  • 65cc 9 to under 13 years
  • 85cc Standard wheel 9 to under 12 years
  • 85cc Big Wheel 12 to under 14 years
  • 85cc Big Wheel 15 years
  • 150cc two-stroke and 250cc four-stroke 13 to under 15 years
  • 150cc two-stroke and 250cc four-stroke 15 years
  • Veterans – Over 35 years all powers combined class (all grades)

Race times for all classes on Saturday will be 10 minutes, plus one lap.

For both the Saturday Junior and Sunday Senior AMX Championships each class will receive a single 10 minute practice/qualifying session prior to racing. All classes on both days will receive four races.

For the Senior championship in the case that any grid is oversubscribed or there are non qualifiers there will be two non-championship ‘All Powers Trophy Races’ that will have a collective point score with trophies awarded.

For further information on the Junior or Senior AMX Championship or for those wanting to give feedback on what we have announced to date, contact Terry O’Neill on 02 48 235 711 in business hours or email [email protected].