News 4 Nov 2010

General: Motorcycling Victoria appoints Broadford manager

Motorcycling Victoria has announced the appointment of Martin Doxey as its new manager of the State Motorcycling Complex, the largest and most comprehensive motorcycling sport facility of its kind in Australia.

Located at Broadford, in central Victoria, the complex hosts well over 70 events each year, and currently has circuits suitable for Road Race, Motocross, Supercross, Speedway, Dirt Track, Enduro and Trails.

Motorcycling Victoria is the State Controlling Body for all sporting and recreational motorcycling activities in Victoria. MV caters for nine different racing disciplines and currently has around 4500 members spread over 80 clubs throughout the state.

“The appointment of Mr Doxey as our new manager at Broadford is a comprehensive win for Broadford and an overall win for motorcycle sport in this state,” said Andrew Weiss, chief executive officer of Motorcycling Victoria.

For the past 18 months, Doxley has been a director at RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport, an organisation that provides a comprehensive range of equipment and the people necessary to run a safe and successful motorsport event. He has played a significant part in the organisation’s rapid growth.

“Martin has a deep passion for motorcycle sport, and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the industry and of the Broadford venue. He’s the perfect fit,” added Weiss.

“I’m extremely excited about this undertaking. The importance the State Motorcycling Complex already provides motorcycle sport in Victoria, indeed Australia, is massive,” commented Doxey.

“I hope to strengthen Broadford’s reputation as the safest, and best, motorcycle sport venue in the country.”

Motorcycling Victoria is committed to further developing the State Motorcycling Complex into an even better facility for all users in 2011.

“With seven world-class race tracks, 420 acres of terrain and with countless riders competing at the venue each and every year, and with Doxey at the helm of Broadford – the future of motorcycle sport looks strong,” further affirmed Weiss.