News 26 Nov 2010

General: Yamaha launches Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks

The Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks event will be held in SA next March.

The Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks event will be held in SA next March.

To celebrate the heritage of Yamaha’s Ténéré, TRAIL ZONE magazine publisher Andrew Clubb has announced the staging of the inaugural Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks event in the spectacular Flinders Ranges of South Australia in the first week of March 2011.

The ride will be a celebration of all things Ténéré and is for Ténérés and Super Ténérés only – old or new – and is open to 50 particpants. Over 30 places have already been booked in the two weeks since registrations opened.

The event weekend on 4-6 March will be highlighted by an official Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks Bivouac BBQ Dinner where numerous awards will be presented from event sponsors that include Yamaha Motor Australia, Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories, Yamalube,, and TRAIL ZONE magazine.

A three-day Getting There Ride on 2-4 March is also being staged from central NSW to the Flinders Ranges, which will see the Ténéré Tragics take a long-distance route through outback NSW and South Australia.

The registration fee for the event is $110, which includes a one-year subscription to TRAIL ZONE magazine, commemorative Ténéré Tragics shirt, cap and stickers, the Ténéré Tragics Bivouac BBQ Dinner (three-courses, meal only) and eligibility for the awards ceremony.

Of all the names chosen by motorcycle manufacturers to christen new models, none evokes thoughts of getting away from it all and exploring wide-open spaces like the iconic Yamaha Ténéré brand.

The original large-tanked Japanese adventure bike was launched in 1983 with the debut model XT600ZL Ténéré, which evolved from the Yamaha XT500/550 factory race bikes campaigned in the early years of the renowned Paris-Dakar Rally.

The single-cylinder Ténéré eventually led to the birth of a big-brother, the ground-pounding twin-cylinder XTZ750 Super Ténéré in 1989, and the two machines immediately entered into long-distance dirt bike riding folklore until being ‘rested’ from active duty in 1996.

Then, with a worldwide resurgence in adventure bike riding, the mighty Ténéré name returned – first with the new-generation fuel-injected XTZ660 Ténéré in late 2008, and then with the mighty XTZ1200 Super Ténéré this year.

For further information, contact Clubby on (02) 9905 ZONE or email [email protected].